Over 50? Who Cares!

Today I came across this article and it got me thinking.


Over the years, I often heard my mother speak about ‘feeling invisible’. Of course, what she meant  was that when you reach a certain age – people stop ‘seeing’ you. You become that older ‘person’ that is past there prime and no longer a head turner or someone to be noticed.

Over 50? What’s the issue.

In my 20’s, I couldn’t really understand the concept. In my 30’s, I kind of could but thought that if you’re in a committed, loving relationship why would I care who else looks at me? Now that I am in my 50’s, I am pleased to say that I still don’t care whether I am invisible to those that I don’t know or care what they do or don’t think of me. I’m loving being in a place where such things don’t matter.

But, clearly I am in the minority as I did a bit more looking around and found tonnes of articles about ‘Women over 50’. Why not men over 50?

Knowing What’s Important?

I am the first to acknowledge the glass ceilings and sexual bias that is in the workplace. Any woman that works has seen it. It doesn’t matter if that is in corporate offices or women building houses. It is all the same. There will always be a gender bias whilst there are men and women on the planet. 

Admittedly (for most people) the divide isn’t as big as it used to be. More and more women are taking their spots in the Boardroom and doing better than a lot of other men in the workplace. I’m proud to say that in a lot of cases we are showing men up – in a good way. Taking our power back.

But, then I read articles like this about how we’re (women) not invisible and am reminded about how much and how often the smallest slights hold women back. In a lot of cases, stopping women from using their voice to find their place!

I know that it sounds like I’m mad. But I’m not. I’m not even sad about it. But I do acknowledge it.

I acknowledge that there is still a lot of sexual discrimination in the world with women taking the brunt of the negative side affects. All of us women should stand up to protect each other when we see it (and should but usually don’t) but we can also choose a different path.

I may not be sad or mad but I am also choosing how I react to this over 50 bullocks. I’m choosing to focus on what’s important. And that’s living my life my way and not getting dragged down or aged before my time because the media or society decrees it’s a ‘thing’.

Having The Confidence To Shine At Any Age!

Unlike my 20’s, in my 50’s I am more confident, bolder, less likely to take shit, more financially secure, more in control of my life and how I choose to feel – not all the time but far from my self indulgent 20’s! It would have been nice to feel like this my whole life but the truth is – most of us never achieve that. We spend our whole lives trying to find that missing piece or trying to be someone we’re not.

My plan is to make sure that I spend the rest of my life shining – irrespective of what my age is! I don’t believe that the opinion of others or social barriers placed on our societies (and ourselves subconsciously or otherwise) have any hold on me. 

There is no doubt that one of my main drivers to escape the corporate world was because of glass ceilings and men thinking that they can do a better job simply because they are men. But, I have to say that these days – women can be just as bad. Some women in the workplace have decided it’s a good idea to emulate the behaviours of men. But, how does that benefit the global consciousness or anyone for that matter? Trying to be more masculine because it seems to be the way to get ahead is as inauthentic as it gets and harmful to self.

I spend more time online now than I ever have. I read, listen to audios, belong to forums, belong to groups and participate in a lot of group training. It’s scary how there seems to be a common theme. Women having to support other women (and ourselves) to use our voices more. To be all that we were meant to be. 

There is no denying that most of us (in this generation) have been conditioned (to a degree) to kow tow to men. Conditioned to believe that we are invisible when we get to a certain age. That our opinion doesn’t count. But, it’s all BRULE’s!

BRULE’s – Bullshit Rule’s

Vishen Lakhiani – Code of the Extraordinary Mind

See the Brules article here.

Vishen Lakhiani – Code of the Extraordinary Mind

It’s time to stop copying the behaviours of men (or anyone else for that matter) and use our own voices to be authentic and be vulnerable when we need to be – without fear.

Don’t Get Me Wrong. I Love Men!

Seriously. I don’t want to be seen as that man hating liberalist female that refuses to shave my armpits or step through doors when a man opens it for me. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s not for me. 

Men are awesome and have held a very strong and valuable place in our lives, in our societies – building our cities, staving off invaders, hunting and gathering, helping to care for our families – being great men! 

The stereotypical qualities of men have been needed. Men (and women) have needed these qualities to survive. I’m just not sure that we should try to be more like the ‘stereotypical’ men. There’s a reason we are different and women will shine the brightest when we do it our way.

Maybe, we just need to try and rub off on the stereotypical men folk a bit more, lead more and voice more. 

Lead by doing and being vulnerable. Let the world know it’s safe.

Finding Balance

I follow so many great men and women online as I am sure everyone does. But, as in everything there are stereotypical men and stereotypical women that will fight hard to keep the status quo because they don’t know any other way.

We in the know need to step up. We need to find a balance as our most authentic selves. Stop competing and realise that we can all choose the path we want to be on. 

No more glass ceilings, sexist jokes or barriers for me!

Let Go And Let God! Why My Brother May Have Had It Right.

Meditating this morning, I had the words ‘Let Go and Let God’ as a constant phrase running through my head. It’s not a new phrase to me and in fact it is probably a term well known to most. I’m not sure where it came from but it may have something to do with the Abundance Book.

Not one to be a deep or philosophical thinker, two things have happened in the last 24 hours that has caused me to re-think my ‘non-deep thinker status’. But, first I feel the need to elaborate a bit more to reinforce my previously held view of deep thinking and me. I have always left the deep, philosphical thinking to my brother. 

This was definitely not me!

Throughout our childhood, he would want to have long discussions about (in my view) ‘out there’ intangible topics that I had zero interest in. I was the ‘doing’ sort. I didn’t have time for shit like that and in fact took it one step further. None of that deep philosophical crap was ever going to be a part of my world because life is just life and I planned on just getting on with living it. Depth and philosophical stuff was for the likes of my brother and Aristotle to explore! Let them at it.

But, getting back to the last 24 hours.

The Two Things…

Yesterday, I was watching a Mindvalley Masterclass between Vishen Lakhiani and Michael Beckwith. Michael Beckwith talked about the fact that the idea of surrendering had become a bit of a thing of the past in spiritual circles because of the actions one needed to take to manifest – Law Of Attraction, The Secret, all of that. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that I am a firm believer in:

I AM - Intention + Action = Manifestation

Overly simplistic – I know. But, what struck me about what Michael Beckwith with followed with was that he said that his programme was bringing surrendering back. And, the reason was what struck me. Michael Beckwith said that the reason for bringing surrendering back was because we need to surrender not to ‘God’ as such but so that we can un-attach from the thing we want to manifest. Michael Beckwith calls it non-attachment.

Personally, I love that idea and it makes sense to me. It’s not a new concept though and to be fair, given Michael Beckwith’s involvement in the secret, it may be that a lot of people are re-coining his original term. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter because ultimately they all mean the same thing.

Put differently non-attachment is really another way of saying “ask and it is given” or ask for ‘it’ once and have the faith to believe that the Universe is now working on making it happen. It is also the same as detaching from the outcome. Focusing on the now moment.

I think this just clicked for me because un-attachment is more about disconnecting from a thing rather than relying on or having the faith that it will come. All the time monitoring your thinking to make sure your ‘thing’ that you want to manifest stays on track.

Later that day though something else happened that re-inforced this totally! Time to actually let go and let God?

The Abundance Book Called To Me

My desk is slowly being overun by books that I keep close by because I like to refer to them often. One of those books is a book that I have had for years but never actually read. I dragged it out of my bookcase last week and just had it sitting on my desk – to get to.

So, yesterday my computer was having a bit of a wah so I picked up The Abundance Book. It’s only little so I thought I may as well have a read while my computer recovered from whatever technical thing it was going through. It’s only a small book. Perfect fill in the time type of thing. 

Once I started reading it though, I couldn’t put it down. Something about this book really resonated.  In fact, I think that reading the Abundance Book now came down to more than a little bit of divine guidance.

I’m massive for highlighting passages in books and have been given quite a bit of crap over it in the past – that hasn’t stopped me but it has made me conscious of not being a highlighting freak. I now limit what I highlight.

Not in this book.

If I was to quote all that I highlighted in this book, I would be sued for copywright infringement – and rightly so. 

The Abundance Book’s All About God!

Many years ago, I was going through a period in my life where lots of drugs and some not so good people took up most of my time. It was then that I decided to be a non-believer. Actually, I probably took it a step further and flatly refused to accept that there was a ‘God’. If I had picked up The Abundance Book 20 years ago when I read ‘The Secret’ (not about God), I would have thrown it away. 

The first part of the book is all about God but in a way that I haven’t seen before. The Abundance Book talks about God as he/she relates to abundance. I don’t know if Michael Beckwith relates God to abundance (he probably does) but the Abundance Book quotes Jesus directly and makes a lot of references to God – which would have totally freaked out the old me. Especially direct quotes in the old language.

The Author John Randolph Price talks really frankly about the evolving consciousness and how ‘society’ has actively concealed the truth from the populace.

…right in the mainstream of consciousness is the truth that God is boundless wealth.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! God doesn’t want us to be broke. People do!

I have never believed that it isn’t spiritual to have money. I am firmly in the camp that money is just energy that allows us to live the life we came here to live.

Let Go And Let God – The Reason For My New Worldview

The reason why I now believe that I can hold a title for being a deep thinking philosopher is because The Abundance Book has quite a few deep, philosphical and complex (my brother may not think so given his experience in this area) concepts. That I actually got! And, without having to re-read 100 times. I am pretty sure that I ‘got’ them because I was ready to understand. Wayne Dyer made a comment in one of his Experiencing the Miraculous DVD’s about hearing a ‘thing’ again because you hadn’t quite ‘got’ it the first time.

Whilst the idea of Let Go and Let God isn’t a new concept that I can take credit for in my new role as a deep thinking philosopher, I can talk about my epiphany of the last 24 hours. 

This is the link that I needed!

I’ve always ‘known’ that God/Spirit/The Universe was an abundant force. I have never brought into the idea that money isn’t spiritual (more here). The Abundance Book is just a more in depth and historic view of how we as humans were conned into believing a lie.

As John Randolph Price noted, the ancients:

…proved for themselves that the energy of abundance is constantly radiating from the Source within and flowing out to appear as money and financial well-being.

“The secret is to be aware of this unfailing principle, to understand that lack is simply the outpicturing of false beliefs.”

This manifesting, spiritual journey is all starting to come together now as I see the aligned ‘messages’ coming to me in the words of our ancestors our contempories.

It really is simple. Make happiness your only focus. Everything else then flows to you and the greater good of the global consciousness.

It’s time to do what all great philosophers do. Go within to create your outward reality.

Thanks bro! You should have told me to do this sooner.