Overwhelm & Confusion? How I beat it in seconds!

Listening to one of my many training modules, I was reminded why so many of us in the online world give up or never try a different path at all.

Yep, you guessed it. Overwhelm and confusion are probably the biggest silent killers of creativity and the joy of investing your time in something else that actually makes your heart sing. In previous posts, I have talked about how I struggled (past tense) with the One Funnel Away Challenge because of all of the back end stuff that I needed to do to get my funnel operational. It’s this sort of stuff that can make you flee leaving the new venture behind in the dust!

I’ve been there numerous times and thought it was a good time to take a minute to remind anyone reading this, that eventually you break through the supposed barriers and can get on with the good stuff but there are some things you can do that can (if you are anything like me) instantly relieve the stress of overwhelm and confusion.

Instant Relief From Overwhelm!

Yesterday, I was feeling particularly overwhelmed trying to manage my partners business paperwork and also progress my business. It just felt like there were way too many things to do and I literally felt like I was drowning in paperwork. I have to admit, I had paper everywhere! 

It is probably accurate to say that I was quietly losing my shit! After a fraught conversation with my partner (that talked me down a bit), I tried to regather my lost shit and get a plan. Gotta say, my poor partner probably left the conversation more than a little distraught because it’s not like me to be semi-hysterical!

Say ‘Bye Bye’ To 832 Emails!

A while ago I did the Lifebook Quest through Mindvalley with Jon and Missy Butcher and one of the things that stuck with me from that quest is to build your list of “No’s”. 

Hopefully you know what I mean but ultimately, we should constantly be adding things that we don’t need, want or have to do to our list of No’s. It may go against every grain in your body if you’re the helping type (like I am) but it’s so important. If you do struggle with putting yourself first, be compassionate with yourself with the understanding that you have to fill your tank up before you can fill someone else’s up. Think of yourself as the adult on the plane that needs to put their mask on first!

So, going back to the 832 emails. The first thing I did after my phone call was to sit at my desk and literally delete 832 emails that were in my inbox. It only took seconds! But, wow! I can honestly say it had the MOST calming affect on me! 

Obviously before deleting all of the emails, I checked to see that there wasn’t anything official that I needed to keep or get done but the rest of the emails that I had been saving to ‘check out’ when I had the time were now gone! Added to my ‘no’ list instantly! Not only was it goodbye overwhelm, but it also freed my head up to work on the next thing on my to-do list!


A few Christmas’ ago, my daughter was in a pretty bad way mentally and the state of her bedroom was a reflection of the chaos going on in her life then. So, I brought her the book ‘The lifechanging magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. I am sure the book got lost somewhere in the mess that was her room but it got me thinking. I never really thought that I was much of a hoarder but after 13 years in the one house, it deserved a closer look.

For the past 20 months or so I have been regularly looking at all areas of the house to see what I no longer needed or used. I am surprised to say that I have probably emptied out a large truck full of ‘stuff’ and there still doesn’t seem to be a dent but it has felt good to off-load things that I didn’t want or need and give it to a local charity. 

But, my decluttering efforts was not being extended to my office. Calming technique number 2 was to tackle the office. I sorted all of my paperwork into logical piles and threw away a lot that I was no longer working on but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with. 

Viola, more calm!

Pay The Bills

One of my piles was the bills. I usually pay the bills as soon as they come in but with the One Funnel Away Challenge, I had buried a number of them under paperwork that I was using for the challenge. 

Calming technique number 3 – I paid all of the bills. Not only did this reduce the clutter, it felt good to have them out of the way.


Dealing with anxiety attacks over the past couple of years, I was highly motivated to put a stop to them. I read almost everything there was to read on how to manage panic attacks and/or avoid them altogether. My moment of overwhelm was an excellent opportunity to employ some of the breathing techniques I had learnt to ground me again. Box breathing is a good one. If it’s good for the Navy SEAL’s… Who am I to question it?

Grounding yourself is an excellent way to quickly bring yourself back to earth. Visualisation techniques are everywhere but learning an exercise to help ground yourself while breathing through whatever you are dealing with is a pretty quick way to overcome whatever it is you are feeling.

Here’s one that I do:

Stand (preferrably with no shoes) and imagine a beautiful yellow light coming down from above going through the top of your head, all the way through your body and into the earth through your feet and then spreading out like the roots of a tree in all directions and anchoring to the roots of other trees close by. It should only take about a minute or so but do it for as long as you need to until you feel grounded. Remember to breathe while doing it.

Stand (preferably with no shoes) and imagine a beautiful yellow light coming down from above going through the top of your head, all the way through your body and into the earth, out through your feet and then spreading out like the roots of a tree in all directions and anchoring to the roots of other trees close by. It should only take about a minute or so but do it for as long as you need to until you feel grounded.

Remember to breathe.

Judy Seiler

If you can, another exercise is to get outside in bare feet and put your feet on grass for half an hour. Works almost instantly.


The final nail in the coffin of overwhelm that day was to do a short meditation. It’s probably a no brainer for many of us but meditation is the best and most sure fire way to get you back in touch with your connection to spirit/higher power/god – whatever your deity is and break away from the monkey mind so well known in buddhist texts.

If you have a regular practice, you would probably only need about 10-20 minutes per day to get the benefits but if you’re meditating for an overwhelm situation, do it for as long as it takes to feel better.

I still like guided meditations the best as calming my mind down in absolute silence is no mean feat! Plus, the other benefit to meditation is that it brings you back to focusing on your breathing which also calms!

Overwhelm and Confusion

Now I am more than happy to advise that I have beaten the anxiety attacks but still suffer occasionally from being overwhelmed. But the good news is that there are tools available (free and paid for) that you can use to to help with all of the confusion and overwhelm that comes with learning new things or striving to set yourself on a different path that your family and friends may not understand or endorse!

Overwhelm and confusion are closely linked but often dealing with one helps with the other. I know that when I am not feeling overwhelmed, I am much more productive, creative and focused. Dealing with one often closes down the other.

Learning to deal with overwhelm is pretty simple (mostly) and very effective if you are consistent in your practice. Find something that works for you and resonates.

Man’s Search For Meaning – What Do We Do It All For?

Many many years ago, I read Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning and it had a profound affect on me. I remember being totally in awe of a man that can find purpose and his meaning for living in a place that can really only be considered hell on earth. 

Now, looking back I understand that remembering the story means that I have missed the point entirely. Clearly the book didn’t have the impact that it should have had. Understanding is one thing. Applying the lesson is another.

The ‘Meaning’ That I Missed

I have been reading an E-Book called the No-BS Manifesting Guide from Manifesting.com and it is kind of what has prompted me to write this post. Having always believed in the spiritual side of our experience on earth, I have always believed in the Law of Attraction and our innate abilities to manifest anything we want. Be manifesting magnets.

Not for a second am I saying that I have mastered this but I know that I am getting there – applying everything that I learn and staying in a positive vibe as often as I can. But, a bit annoyingly this E-book jumps straight into the science behind manifesting. It is really quick to point out that The Law of Attraction is rubbish because there is a missing peice that 94% of people miss – and this is why they never get to be the manifesting magnets we all should be. Dangerously leading people to believe that the Law of Attraction is garbage and not meant for them.

There are many quotes from incredibly qualified bright minds saying that Rhonda Byrne of The Secret couldn’t possibly understand quantum physics and that there is evidence from these quantum physicists that she clearly doesn’t understand the laws of quantum physics.

But, so what? One of my strongest beliefs (and this may be a hugely limiting belief) is that not everything is scientific. I have always held that there are things that science just can’t possibly explain and probably never will. The Law of Attraction being one of them. But, and this is a big but – I also firmly believe that we (each and every one of us) hold the key to our personal freedom on this plane.

Going back to the lesson from Man’s Search For Meaning. When I read the book, it profoundly affected me but didn’t change me. I missed the meaning behind the lesson. Personal freedom, comes from within. Find happiness with self, in any situation and the ‘good’ flows from that. This is the lesson we should be applying in our lives all day everyday. I know that is easier said than done.

The No-BS Manifesting Guide

To be fair to the No-BS Manifesting Guide, whilst pointing out that the Law of Attraction (or ‘The Secret’) doesn’t work because of that missing peice, it goes on to say that manifesting is a process – that everyone can apply. There is just an extra step. It’s not just believe, visualise and then sit back and wait for the benevolent universe to provide. 

In all of the research that I have done over the years, there are a number of key things that consistently keep coming up and the No-BS Manifesting Guide sums it up pretty well.

Focus – Boost – Release – Gratitude – Go!


All pretty self explanatory but is it still a little simplistic? Is the No-BS Manifesting Guide just adding to the confusion of how this all works? 

I agree that focus is a very important ingredient to manifesting but I worry about all of the material that is available to us online. All of the free and paid resources that all have a slightly different viewpoint or a different name for the same thing. This guide is no exception. It is another resource that has the potential to bump people off their manifesting paths by adding to the confusion about this whole topic. It is my firm belief, that confusion is one of the main reasons that people are in the 94% that can’t seem to make manifesting work for them. There is no doubt that it’s time to cut through all of the crap.

The No-BS Manifesting Guide is a good read and one that I will finish but I just wanted to write this as a warning to read everything from a place of inquisition and only take on the tools that feel right for you personally.

Goal Setting – Just Start!

In the past, I have written quite a lot about whether to have a plan or not. I have always resisted having a plan set in stone for what I want to achieve so have never really written anything down – until recently. A Harvard Study on Goal Setting noted that in general, most people who don’t write down their goals will never achieve them. My view has always been that I don’t want to restrict what I manifest by writing it down.

But, having said that – I have to take a leaf out of Vishen Lakhiani’s book ‘Code of the Extraordinary Mind’. I am now of the view that it is great to set goals providing we do it the right way and we should be very careful how we go about it. Vishen talks about means goals versus end goals and I think this is a very important distinction when it comes to going about setting your goals. 

End Goal: An ultimate aim or destination – often discerned by following one’s heart and feelings; the opposite of a Means Goal.

Means Goal: A goal (sometimes a BRULE) mistakenly identified and pursued as an end in itself, when in fact it is simply a means to a larger, more fulfilling end.

BRULE: A bulls**t rule. An element of the culturescape that an individual has decided to ignore or dismiss as untrue or irrelevant to that individual’s worldview.

Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

When it comes to manifesting, I think this is the best and foremost place to start manifesting everything that you want. It also helps to create the focus points that we all need to stay on track and start saying no to all of the distractions.

Vishen has a really good free tool here on Youtube. It’s a quick exercise and really enjoyable.

This Is Not A Review

This is not a review of the No-BS Manifesting Guide – mainly because I haven’t finished it and I know that it appears that I am bagging what I have read so far so I would like to dispel that. The main point is that to me, it is as important to have faith in the wonderful powers of an abundant universe as it is to have goals and take steps to making them happen.

“I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

Elon Musk

Sleep Deprivation, Click Funnels and Why I’m Not Worried!

At 2.00am this morning I was woken up by the dog. Thinking that it was time to get up and go to work, I made a coffee, drank it, woke my partner up with a ready made coffee thinking I was doing a good deed – only to be told that it was 2.00am. Many hours before our normal weekly wake up time!

Clearly, I should have checked the time again after my first cup of coffee!

Why I Am Happy to Be Sleep Deprived!

Today is not the first time that I have woken up at 2.00am during the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA). Actually, it is probably safer to say that I have been waking up at ungodly hours most days since starting the challenge. I put this down to a few things.

  • Excitement – Because of the belief that funnels will be profitable
  • Anticipation – What’s next and I want to see results
  • Competitiveness – Not wanting to be left behind 
  • Personal pressures – Determination to see the Challenge through
  • Belief – In the process

I haven’t been a good sleeper for years and it has always been a bit of an annoyance. There have been many occasions when I have wanted to prank my partner when he’s sleeping simply because he CAN sleep! I regularly function on between 4-6 hours sleep every day and have been doing it this way since my daughter was born 23 years ago! But, the last four weeks has been whole next level!

Lately though, I have had a whole lot less but I am happy to be sleep deprived. I’m tired most of the time at the moment but if my sleep habits were any different, I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have in the challenge. By the time my partner gets up, I have listened to all of the training, cleared my emails and done some work on my funnel. 

Not resentful of the good sleepers anymore – just thankful that I have more time to get it done. Thanks OFA!

Belief In ClickFunnels

One of my personal fears is to be ‘salesy’ – I don’t want to be that stereotypical car sales person. But, one thing that I have come to realise since starting this online business journey (and something that has been reaffirmed by the challenge) is that marketing is actually a service!

I worry that my posts have all been about the One Funnel Away Challenge and Clickfunnels and salesy.  But, it is because I honestly believe that my funnel is going to work and want to share the message.

The worst thing about my new found belief in clickfunnels and the challenge is that I also know that my posts do appear to be ‘salesy’. But, they are not meant to be.

Every comment that I have made about the challenge is sincere in line with what I am trying to do here which is help as many people as possible make a living with a heart based business – doing what they love. I believe that clickfunnels can do that. The fact that I am worried about being salesy reassures me that my ‘why’ for doing this is not unethical but authentic.

From the outset of the Challenge, the team instilled a belief. A belief that Clickfunnels and the One Funnel Away Challenge is a tried and true system that will work – providing you put the time in. A perfect example of the committment the clickfunnels team has to our wins is in the last page of the workbook (3 days away) – yes, I read ahead!

“It’s important to remember that this is JUST the beginning of your online business journey. Those who get good at getting lucky, are really just the ones who:

Immerse themselves

Stay committed to the process rather than the result only

Remember that marketing is still about people

Never give up!

Russell Brunson – One Funnel Away

One Funnel Away Immersion

In the last 4 weeks, since starting the challenge, my sleep hours have dropped more! My 2.00am start this morning was just that. The start of my day. It’s a waste of time (for me) to try and sleep after a coffee – so I did what all half asleep people do. Facebook.

While checking on the One Funnel Away posts, I got sucked into a sales page. As I was about to purchase, I heard Stephen’s voice in my head. 

“Buy slowly”

Stephen Larson – One Funnel Away Challenge

Meaning – mimic (yes, Stephen – not steal) what others are doing that is working.  So, I backed out of the sales page. Saved the link and will study it later today – with a view to studying what worked or got me ‘hooked’. Or as Russell terms it, funnel hack.

The One Funnel Away teaching format seems to stick and I have been completely immersed. I have been living and breathing this stuff since finding Clickfunnels and the One Funnel Away Challenge. So much so that I am sure that my work thinks I have a terminal illness because I have been having a LOT of sick days!

Staying Committed To The Process Rather Than The Result

Apart from Wealthy Affiliate and my blog, this has been the most committed I have been to anything relating to my online business. 

The training has been and is inspiring, motivational, interesting and incredibly educational. It works. Every day, I get up excited to complete the next part of the challenge.

My usual priorities have taken a back seat to the challenge and this is because I am determined to see this through and can’t wait to start advertising to see what happens. Some of the OFA community on Facebook have already started sharing their personal wins and it is awesome to see. 

Not for a second am I saying that the challenge has all been plain sailing but that is where the committment comes in.

Never Give Up!

According to Stephen Larsen, only 30% of the people that start the challenge are still in it now. I am pretty sure that is reflective of all online courses that people buy – me included. But, the challenge has been different because you are actually taking action steps every single day. I think it’s the progress that you make along the way that helps keep you on track. 

Given that we all have busy lives, I think it’s important to have some internal pressures too. I can see how it would be easy to give up along the way but I am so glad that I haven’t. Every challenge and win is all just part of the journey. Worth it!

As Vishen Lakhiani says,

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year but underestimate what they can achieve in three years.”

Vishen Lakhiani – Code of the Extraordinary Mind

I plan on hanging in.

Remember That Marketing Is Still About People

I know that I will never forget the people behind any marketing that I do.

This is for two reasons.

  1. Unethical marketers. I have been scammed too many times by sales letters and products that only ever give you a portion of the story. In most cases, leaving you more confused than ever and despondent because success online clearly only works for ‘other people’. 
  2. Purpose. This blog was set up for the sole purpose of documenting/discussing/teaching the challenges I have had along the way in the hope that it could help someone else.

After doing this challenge, I know that success online isn’t just a pipe dream. This challenge has strengthened my resolve to keep going until I can be in a position to do what Russell, Stephen, Julie and Ed are doing.

Onward and upwards!

Struggles! Is Clickfunnels Worth it?

At the end of the second week of the One Funnel Away Challenge and I have to admit I’m really struggling.

A funnel that I had already written through the bootcamp has been a technical nightmare for me to set up – given that I am not technical in the slightest. I have this horrible feeling that I am making things a lot more complicated than it needs to be but I am not sure how to change that. 

It feels a little bit like the old days when I had to learn how to do everything, learn what various bits of jargon and new terminologies mean before I can move forward. Wall after wall seems to be further confusing me and I feel a little bit like I am going around in circles.

If you are technical or understand SMTP and domain integrations, then you would be off and running. I on the other hand am having to learn how to get a clue.

Time To Get A Grip! Opportunity Cost

Many things about this challenge have reminded me of things that I already knew but have chosen not to do or forgotten to do. I do want to know about all of the aspects of this business but I am not sure that I need to be learning those things now. Click funnels has got an awesome support team that generally respond within in minutes and usually fix any issues that you’re having but in this case, I just couldn’t get my email sequence to send to my opt ins.

With Stephen Larson’s opportunity cost ringing in my ears, I decided it was time to get a grip and stop trying to do it all myself. Personally, I have lived my life and taught my daughter (probably wrongly) that if you can do it yourself, don’t ask someone else to do it. I get it from my Dad. We all get these BRULE’s (Bullshit Rules) about life. All well meant and learnt from their life experiences but I am not sure they serve us now.

So, opportunity cost. I decided to outsource the technical stuff so that I can get on with the writing. I never wanted to trade a job for a job so I am going to have to outsource the tough stuff and do more of the fun stuff.

Hooks, Hooks And More Hooks

To be perfectly honest, the technical stuff isn’t the only struggle. One of the tasks from this week was to work on our ‘hooks’ to get our customers attention. I have to admit to having a total brain freeze all weekend on this one. The only hooks I have ever used is to catch fish!

A bit out of my comfort zone!

I am sure that I am like a lot of people that have been raised to have an open mistrust of pushy sales people. Those car salesmen people. People that are really only in for their profit. Only there to rip you off and sell you a lemon. I know that I have this BRULE deeply ingrained. I know because I have this reluctance to ‘sell to people’ because it makes me feel tarnished or I think I will need to be really pushy or a trickster to get someone to buy from me.

I know that I need to get clear of the pushy salesman view because it is a huge block to my success and my ability to be able to help others. 

To explain, one of the ‘reminders’ I spoke about earlier that I have got from the challenge – is that marketing isn’t sleazy and it certainly doesn’t have to be pushy. Sales and marketing done well and ethically is actually a force for good. It was a real epiphany for me to realise that ‘good’ marketing actually helps a lot of people to find products or things that they want and need.

All of us that have this view of the pushy sales man (or woman) need to ditch it as the BRULE that it is. The whole reason why I promote Clickfunnels is because it is an excellent product that makes creating sales pages and funnels quick and easy (except for my SMTP issue – which is my issue) to use with an outstanding support system. 

For a non-creative person, the software at Clickfunnels is fantastic.

Plan A – Doing It All Myself to Plan B – Move it on!

Russell Brunson and Stephen Larson are re-enforcers and tutors. I have already learnt a lot on this challenge and been thankfully reminded of many others. The daily videos and homework are an excellent motivator to stay on top of the daily tasks. I have spent my weekend working on mine to make sure that I don’t fall behind and miss something along the way.

That is not generally me – I am a manana kind of girl! 

Clickfunnels has put me in competition with myself. Calling this 30 days a challenge has changed everything. Along with Russell and Stephen, I am holding myself accountable for getting this done. That’s a great thing.

So, the other funny thing. I’m not much of a planner either. After completing this weekends task (which I struggled with because of the hooks), I looked at the completed page and realised that Russell had just made me ‘plan’!

in front of me, I had these train tracks for the funnel that we will be making next week. That’s exciting. And, now I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed. 

Plan B – done. 

Technical stuff – gone and sorted. 

Exciting times!

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

So far? Absolutely!

Sense of Purpose. Where Did It Come From?

A little while ago, I asked for feedback on my website. One of the comments that came back really surprised me. It was this:

“Your website talks about wanting to help a lot of people – but you never say why.”

As a New Zealander born and raised in the 60’s, we weren’t brought up to talk about ourselves. In fact, it was a little bit frowned on. You know. Don’t be a show off. Stop attracting attention. Be quiet. All of those things. 

So, talking about myself is not something that comes naturally and generally something that I want to stop doing as quickly as possible  That’s why it never occurred to me that someone would care ‘why’ I wanted to help others.

I suppose that’s why it’s time to elaborate.

A Look Back

Thirteen years ago, my partner and I decided it was time for a change in scenery. We were doing okay in New Zealand but it was still a struggle with two teenage girls, a mortgage and average incomes. So we decided to move to Australia. I had lived there for many years and didn’t have such great memories of the place but my partner had never lived out of New Zealand. We made the leap. We took my daughter but left my step-daughter behind to be with her mother.

My partner was excited to go but obviously sad to leave his daughter behind. We felt we had to go to see if we could make more money and get ahead. We rented our and moved in with my mother who lived in Perth. At 37 it’s not ideal to be living with Mum with your partner and daughter. Full credit to my Mum and my Step-Father, they took us in and as it turned out had to put up with us for much longer than planned.

You see, the plan was to stay with Mum for a short time and then rent a house.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like that. 

Stressful times!

For two years, I applied for hundreds of jobs. Many of them way below the income  and role I had left in New Zealand – just to get a job to help with the bills. My partner had a high earning job working very long hours but it just covered our bills back home, the rent to my Mum and not much more. We didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t have any nights out and certainly did not see any of the Countryside – let alone have a holiday.

Then my partner lost his job for a while and it started getting really scary. I was juggling all of our remaining funds and talking to the bank – A LOT. For two years, I struggled with the bank – re-financing and praying that we wouldn’t lose the house. We really needed two incomes to make our lives work.

My partner was amazing and not once held it against me for not working those two years. I hope in part that this was because I spent every spare minute of the day on my laptop learning and writing. My stepfather set me up in the second lounge with a spare side table that they had and I sat there day after day trying to teach myself how to set up a money making website so that I could support my family.

It was heartbreaking to have to tell my daughter that we couldn’t afford to buy her treats or the niceties that her mates had at school. All we could manage was the bare minimum in clothes and her school costs. What a terrible Mum! Definitely felt like a complete failure. 

Internet marketing was completely new to me and pretty alien. Both my partner and I have backgrounds in the construction industry. They couldn’t be further apart! Not to mention the added bonus that I had zero technical ability with the internet. I could work a spreadsheet and microsoft word but no understanding of coding, website hosting, PPC, SEO, marketing – pretty much everything you need to know to start an internet business.

Every step was a road block and every step was something that I needed to learn to get to the next step. And..

New Zealand style roadblock!

When something broke? Days and days of trying to figure out what was going on to try and fix it. There wasn’t the help or support that there is now and there were a lot of sharks. I downloaded every free e-book I could find that would help me “get there” but they were all missing peices because they were really only just sales letters. Which I didn’t know at the time. My inbox looked like my junk folder does now.

Giving Up – Letting Go?

Nothing worked. Not a cent earned and two years of effort.

I listened to everyone’s advice and believed that the online thing just wasn’t for me. I didn’t have the skills or the knowledge. 

After two years, we packed up and came home.

Back in New Zealand, I had my Dad telling me that we had made a mistake. That we would have been much better off staying in NZ and much further ahead. I couldn’t really argue the point but I had already been listening to the same message from my family for the two years prior. I have to say that it got a bit tiring!

This is how old I felt

All my friends had families, were travelling the world and having time off. Not us. We worked and worked and just kept trying to get back on our feet.

Any thoughts of a profitable online business were parked and let go of. Had to be responsible and do the right thing. Do what adults do. Get a job and get on with it.

We’ve been doing that for the last ten years. But, I have always had this nagging. This constant discomfort. Something that I knew but wasn’t quite getting. So, I went back on the hunt.

Along Came Russell Brunson!

Far from being an internet marketing expert, my two years of trying to figure out this online thing put me in good stead to smell out the rubbish sales pages.

It was a Facebook Ad that got me. One simple click and I drifted into Russell Brunson’s expertly crafted funnel. Knowing that in the internet marketing world — some things are way too good to be true, I did my research before buying.

Armed and now dangerous, I decided to take the One Funnel Away Challenge and get the 14 day free trial of Clickfunnels!

I’m so happy I did!

From floundering around years ago, I finally feel that I have some direction. My online marketing business is no longer in the too hard basket and I am a firm believer that anyone can do this. A pretty huge turnaround in thinking for me!

Yes, It Was Hard!

Investing in the One Funnel Away Challenge was a no brainer. The risk was that I would lose my $100 bucks and still come away with very little but the potential benefits were huge.

It’s my 50th year and I seriously had to question why I was putting any new stress into my life but there was that nagging again! I had to have a go. I’ve always liked a challenge.

I still struggled with some of the techie stuff but I got there — with heaps of help from Clickfunnels. I am virtually on a first names basis with many of them and I am sure they got sick of seeing my name pop up — but hey?

Happy End Result

Now 30 days later, I have a fully functional funnel that I am delighted with. It’s earning and I am counting the days to firing my boss. I couldn’t be happier or more excited!

One Funnel Away…




Week 2 – One Funnel Away Challenge!

Still loving it! 

I’ve been really excited to start the week 2 Challenge of the One Funnel Away Challenge and today was extra special because I actually got to catch Stephen Larson’s live call. That’s a first. For once, I am thankful that the dog woke me up at 2.00am in the morning. If I was to complain, it would only be this. For some reason, being on the live call did make a difference or should I say felt different. I am sure that the recorded calls are every bit as good – it’s just a perception of mine. It could also be that I was more ‘lulled’ by the content because I was still in sleep mode!

So far, I have really enjoyed all of the content and learnt a LOT. Stephen, Julie and Russell are really engaging, motivating, knowledgeable and likeable – which makes it a whole lot easier to enjoy. Stephen has made a couple of comments about “yelling” Americans (and he does yell often) but it’s clear that it’s with the excitement of the topic. Love that!

One of the funniest things that have come out of the last two weeks, is that the song playing in my head alot at the moment is that song by the Pointer Sisters – 

It’s probably Stephen and Russell’s contagion but at this point, I don’t really care – just feeling optimistic, enjoying it and going with the flow. Even if it feels like the wheels are just about to fall off the bus.

Well that is probably a bit of a lie after the Unit today.

Gruelling but Good

So, on average each day probably consists of at least an hour of video/calls and some days a presentation from Julie as well. Then, there’s your homework. I still work full time and have a house to run (daughter, three large dogs, four cats and a Hubby) so it has been a bit of a stretch. But, like the title says. Gruelling but good. I really like the structure of it and being the crazy stationary geek, I am still loving the workbook.

Last week, we had to set up draft an what our offer might look like, then find products to package and get cover pages designed. Wow! I have to say I started feeling a bit overwhelmed at that stage. I have been struggling to figure out what I would sell as my own package for years and now the challenge wants me to go find at least 11 products with a view to packaging it??

But, Guess what? I did it!

I am so determined not to fall behind or miss a step in this process that I made it happen and I am pretty shocked at how easy it was after the training. It’s probably better to say, that the process of the One Funnel Away Challenge is making sense to me and I can’t stop hearing Kaelin’s message ringing in my ears!

“Just Do What Russell Says!”

Kaelin Poulin

So, I am. Well, until this morning anyway.

Oh Shit! Podcasting? 

Because I got up so early this morning and just happened to notice that Stephen was live on the Challenge, I broke the rule of thumb and heard Stephen’s call before listening to Russell’s training. As usual, he was engaging and full of excellent advice. Actually, today was probably perfectly timed because he told us his story of being the shy kid at school and the one that never spoke up. I know I can relate to that! This is why I write.

This is my 50th year and I promised myself big changes. You know, the usual mid-life crisis stuff.

  • Have more fun
  • Spend more time in Nature
  • Travel
  • Learn new ‘stuff’
  • Challenge myself…

So, here I am.

BUT, when Stephen started talking about Podcasting, it would be an understatement to say that more than a few things clenched! Still determined, I committed to getting a podcast at least vocalised and recorded before going to work. 

When the house was empty, I shut myself in my office, downloaded a recording app and just started talking. Man! After 17 goes of that, I deleted the horrible, horrible recordings and decided it would be a good idea to at least write it all down so that I could read it. At least that would get me there for more than 30 seconds. Well, it did that but it was awful!

I even tried to pretend that I was Sarah Connor from Terminator talking to John. That didn’t work either. I know I can do this but it is going to be a very steep learning curve and I’ll have to get out of my head for long enough to get past my fear of public speaking.

Aurora (the camouflaged one), Loona (because she’s crazy) & Nova (because he’s just awesome)

This doesn’t really feel like public speaking but it does feel awkward. I’m glad my three sleeping dogs were my only audience and this morning’s podcast will not be published today.

365 Days of Publishing?

On to Russell’s unit. Because I am always busy, I check the length of the training before launching to make sure that I have enough time to watch the whole thing. This morning, I’m thinking – cool. It’s only 15 minutes long. How bad can it be?

As it turns out, the time stamp was a complete farce because it was actually 365 days long.

Our Mission for the day, was to post every day for 365 days! Easy. Job done.

Up until now, I’ve been struggling to write 1-2 posts a week and that has been far from consistent. 

This is where the big mental pep talk is needed. Stephen even warned us that this would happen. I’m just going to have to keep going. One step at a time.

Bring on Tomorrow. What Will Tomorrow Bring?

There is definitely still excitement about the One Funnel Away Challenge but I have to admit to a bit of trepidation at the same time. I suppose it is good to have these opposing forces because it is probably what drives us. I am tempted to have a listen to the MP3 player that came with my pack but not that tempted. I think the strategy of the Challenge is to keep us so busy that we can’t jump ahead. It’s most definitely working for me.

It’s Been Quite A Ride So Far!

Hopefully this hasn’t come across as a rant because it really isn’t. I have found myself thinking, I’m 50 and doing pretty well. Do I really need this stress? I could just come home every night and put my feet up after dinner with a wine and the cat. But, if I am perfectly honest, I think that would be letting myself down big time.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and thinking of ways to be more productive. If others can do this, so can I. I’m thinking about getting a t-shirt made up to hang in front of my computer.

Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away – Only $100?

Until two months ago, I had never heard about Russell Brunson or any of his products. If you spend much time on the internet, you will probably think that I have been hiding under a rock. Especially when I now know that “the people in the know” on the internet are comparing Russell Brunson’s rise to that of the IPhone.

Anyway, I was seriously tempted to buy the whole package but thought I would test the waters first. I understand that Russell Brunson has exceptional selling powers but in the time that I have been watching his training and other various footage, I am finding him to be believable and trustworthy. It certainly is not hard to find raving testimonials about Russell Brunson and his ClickFunnels software. Russell Brunson sure does seem to be taking the internet by storm.

Always interested in a challenge, I purchased the June 30 day One Funnel Away Challege. The One Funnell Away Challenge comes from a story that Russell tells about his various businesses, failures and challenges along the way. Long story short, he developed the “one funnel that saved us.” It is a compelling story and hugely motivational.

This success story really appealed to me and I know many reading this will think that I have just been caught up in the sales pitch. But, I don’t think so. It appealed to me because it felt truthful. Anyway, the proof is in the pudding! For a $100 investment, I didn’t think I had a lot to lose to see if this guy was all that and his product did what he said it did.

Five days in and I have to say that I am loving it. It has been full but so far worth it. 

Russell Brunson Knows His Stuff

I can’t recall which video I heard Russell say this (otherwise I would add the link) but he mentioned once that people love to receive packages in the mail. The guy was so pleased with the surprise package that he emailed a video of himself to Russell. When my package arrived on the doorstep for the One Funnel Away Challenge, I have to say that I was excited! 

The weird thing is that I buy stuff online all the time and never (well almost never) get excited when something turns up. Most of the time I have forgotten what I ordered and have to open up to be reminded! I know – first world problems. 

All that aside, the box was epic! The logo on the side of the box is like Tom Cruise doing his Mission Impossible thing hanging from a wire. Here’s a pic of my box that I took a photo of that day – which I also never do. I am starting to wonder if all the video’s I have watched of Russell that he has implanted some serious subliminal messages. If I was a conspiracy theorist – I’d go back to hiding under my rock.

Stephen Larsen & The First Five Days

As I have already said, Russell Brunson has a super power in sales but it seems his partner in this programme Stephen Larsen has similar powers but also excellent motivational skills!

I have followed along diligently so far and have not missed a day. If i am being honest, I have so many things on the go at the moment that it is easy to get distracted and move on to something else for a while. But, with the One Funnel Away Challenge, I just don’t want to.  I am enjoying the content of the video trainings and feel that they are definitely building to a much bigger end. 

Stephen Larsen is the first to tell you that his exuberance on the video’s is part of his marketing strategy but it is very engaging. It is most definitely not boring. I honestly get the feeling that both Stephen Larsen and Russell Brunson want to see their customers succeed in this business – and that is nice.

The first five days has been about building belief. The belief that this system works and can be used by anyone to model their businesses in the same way. I love this. I’ve never been one for pep talks but one of the things that Stephen stresses in the training is that successful marketers have gotten out of their own heads. The lesson here (aside from belief) is that successful marketers have turned their biggest weakness into their strongest asset. I’m looking forward to doing that!

It looks like a big part of the strategy is video marketing. GULP!

BUT, after the last five days I am now feeling quite comfortable about progressing down the video track. I just have to learn to be comfortable with it. Now I know that it’s just practice makes perfect. 

The ‘Who’ Not the ‘How’

This is one of my biggest issues. One thing that I have learnt so far, is that it is a common human characteristic to try to throw something of themselves into a tried and true system by changing it. Being a business student, I know all about Opportunity Cost and why it’s stupid to spend time on something when I can pay someone else to do it cheaper and faster than I could.

But, I STILL do it! So frustrating. I am that person who labours over a logo and struggles with the doubt that it looks like unprofessional crap. This particular lesson gave me the reminder that I needed to get my head back in the game. 

Russell introduces a really good tool about now as well called the ClickFunnell Rolodex. It’s actually pretty helpful and you know that the people providing services on this site have actually been vetted, are less likely to take your money and run and can do the job.

Stories Have It!

By no means am I a marketing Guru but I have been in business for a long time and have been in training for internet marketing on and off for years as well. But, one of the things I do know is that telling stories in marketing is a strategy to get people to “like’ you and build trust. 

The funny thing about the One Funnel Away Challenge is that I know that this is all part of the sales process and that I am being groomed for a sale. In this Challenge, I just don’t care. The stories are informative and interesting. And.. I still feel that the story tellers themselves do have the end-users best interests at heart.


So far, I have really enjoyed the challenge and all of the resources that come with it. I love the hard copy workbook that is sent with the package, the MP3 player and the course content. It has me looking forward to what is to come and made me not want to miss a day.

The One Funnel Away Challenge website claims:

“The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want… The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By The Business You Build…”

I am not sure that the One Funnel Away Challenge can do all of that, but it has certainly lived up to the promises made so far. 

Living In Awe! Why it’s a Must to Manifest Abundance.

The Law of Attraction has been a fascination for me (like millions of other people) since The Secret came out . I was aware of the Law of Attraction before but thought it was really just a bit of hocus pocus or something that just worked for everyone else. That became even more true for me when I did everything that the Secret said to do and nothing eventuated. Nothing changed. Back to the grind! But, if I am perfectly honest – I never lost the interest. It’s hard to deny that it works when you see so many people living it these days. 

More and more people seem to be living their dream lives because the Law of Attraction is all that they focus on. The rest “just comes”. So, in my search for what truly makes the Law of Attaction work reliably and at will, I have come up with some key themes that I see reflected in every single story told by the successful manifestors of the world. 

It is seriously easy to get lost in what needs to be done to manifest abundance. According to a survey conducted by Inspire3, when people were asked: “Do you get the results you expect when using the Law of Attraction?” – 94% said no.  That is a seriously bum statistic.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all divine beings having a human experience. Which also means that I firmly believe that we all have the power to manifest the lives that we want at any time in our life – so, why aren’t we constantly manifesting abundance all the time?

Manifest Abundance the Awesome Way

The understanding that life always gets in the way has got to become a BRULE (a bullshit rule). However we do it, we have to find ways to overcome the hurdles that life has thrown at us and remind ourselves that everything we experience is to teach us something or other. PLUS, remind us to revert to our natural states of joy and awe! 

To manifest abundance, we need to re-discover our ability to life in an almost constant state of awe. I don’t believe it matters how we do that – just that we do. One of the simplest reminders that I can think of, is to look at our children. They don’t know how to be any other way. Their focus is 100% on the immediate task – and it is mindblowing how free they are when they experience life through their untainted perspective! 

I have been involved in Rao Srikumar’s quest through MindValley called “The Quest for Personal Mastery”. One of the tools that taught me is to start looking at the world through a different lens. When you next walk out your front door, spend some time re-focusing on the everyday things that you see around you. Oddly, the things you start looking at through this different lens take on a whole lot more vibrancy.

And, trust me. Spend just one day doing this as often as you can, changes your perspective and mood almost instantly. 

In an interview with Vishen Lakhiani, Jason Silva mentioned a Robert Zemeckis movie about a character being a “Wonder junkie.” I love it! This is what it really means to view the world through a different lens.

Gratitude is Key!

It’s no secret that gratitude is a big part of manifesting abundance. It makes perfect sense. Like watching our children at play, gratitude instantly changes moods. It’s is incredibly hard to keep a negative thought when you are fully emersed in a gratitude visualisation. I know that all I have to do is think about my picture of Conrad (pictured above) to get that warm fuzzy feeling that being in awe brings. Again though, it’s incredibly easy to get bogged down with all the worries of the world but there are heaps of tools that can help.

One of the things that Abraham Hicks talk about is an exercise called the rage of appreciation. When you are having a bad day, it’s a fantastic tool to bring yourself around. I am probably explaining this in an overly simplistic way, but my view of the rage of appreciation is to spend at least ten minutes a day thinking about everything that I am grateful for in that particular moment. 

Another good one is something I learnt from Wayne Dyer. Every morning, before doing anything else he would simply sit and say thank you several times. There are multiple versions of this but another good way of reminding ourselves to stay in an attitude of gratitude is to journal it. Some recommend doing this morning and evening but I believe that it is entirely up to the individual. Just try to be thankful as often as you can.

The Importance of Higher Vibrations

I have read hundreds (well maybe not hundreds – but ALOT) of books on the Law of Attraction and the Art of Manifesting. I frequently found myself wondering how on earth I could apply all of the different things that people recommend to build your manifesting skills. I think that the many many theories flying around these days is one of the main reasons why people stick their head back in the sand and soldier on doing what they have always done – because that seems easier. 

For most of us, I think we need to simplify EVERYTHING. The Law of Attraction is no different. The more we are in a constant state of flow (a higher vibration) the more likely we are to manifest all of our desires in all areas of our lives. 

Jason Silva talked about this in reference to the research done through the Flow Genome Project by Steven Kotler.

“When people are in flow, not only do they feel their best, not only did they perform their best, but like existentially, it puts them in the right space, because they’re not so concerned about the future anymore.”

Jason Silva

We have the tools to do this but they need to be consistently applied. A few things that I have learnt along the way that help:

  • Mindfulness exercises – easy to find, apply and often freely offered on the Internet
  • Breathing exercises – easy to find, apply and often freely offered on the internet
  • Mel Robbin’s 5 second rule – A great book to read and an easy technique to apply 
  • Meditation – pick one that you like and try to meditate daily, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day. Morning is best.
  • Smart phone – I know this sounds counter-intuitive but you can use this for reminders to have a ten minute rage (of appreciation)
  • Tapping – I haven’t done a lot of this but I do know that when I have, it has helped immensely at anxious times!
  • Affirmations
  • Yoga

It is no secret that life gets in the way and knocks us all off our manifesting pedestals but if we are to stay in flow, we have to use all of our tools to stay connected and stay on track.  

It probably also helps to remember that the Universe ALWAYS has our back and that it’s important to be in awe more.

Find something you love and do more of that!

Natalie Ledwell

Power up! It’s Time to Put Your Brain Straight.

Innercise – The New Science To Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power

AUTHOR:                                     John Assaraf

PRICE:                                         $11.35

AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR?     Spiritual Seekers, Personal Development lovers, Cynics & Believers

PRODUCT OVERVIEW:              Tools for Personal Development And Lasting Change



The likely central reason why you’re stuck earning an income you’re not happy with has far less to do with your intellect, talent, or who you know, and much more to do with you being conditioned to accept a certain amount of income. You could think of this as your financial set point.

John Assaraf

Short Version

Another excellent product/book by John Assaraf. Innercise (short version because it is a long title) is an incredibly functional book that is easy to read, full of good stories, thought provoking and potentially life changing.

It is getting a bit hard to be seen as an impartial book reviewer at the moment because I only seem to be giving awesome reviews. But, to my credit – I know myself pretty well and the books that I would like to read, so it makes sense that I am likely to choose good books (for me). It also helps that I have completed many of Neurogym’s programmes over time and John Assaraf’s book Innercise felt like having a coffee with an old friend.

Having been a neurogym student for some time, I am probably a bit biased about Innercise but given that reviews are opinionated I’m not concerned. Sometimes you just have to take a stand – right?

John Assaraf (for me personally) has a great demeanor, doesn’t speak down to anyone and clearly has a heartfelt passion for helping others free themselves of blocks and personal struggles for wealth, weight loss, anxiety, business success, fear – the list goes on. This tone is also reflected in Innercise. 

It was quite hard to find my favourite quote for Innercise because the whole book is full of post it tags and highlighted text.  To be perfectly honest, Innercise sits permanently on my desk because it has so many tools throughout.


  1.   Packed full of tools!

Seriously not joking when I say that this book is full of tools that you can implement daily and immediately throughout the book.  Apart from the helpful advice that John Assaraf talks about, the book has specific ‘innercises’ to help with virtually anything. It may sound crazy to innercise but when you read the book and actually apply the innercises you will see virtually immediate results if you stick with them and apply them consistently. For me, seeing actual results is a real bonus because most other things take time to materialise results. Again, for me – others may have better manifesting powers! As a past sufferer of anxiety. I am happy to say that innercises daily has sent my anxiety attacks packing.

2.   Backed by Tonnes of Online Resources

At the end of every chapter, there is a scanny thing (not sure what they are called) for your phone that will take you directly to the relevant guided innercise audio and physical resource – where available.

Scanny thing

3.   Scientifically Proven!

Even if you are new to the idea that your brain can be re-programmed, this book is packed with scientific research that supports the view that re-programming can actually be done and truly works. That is not the only thing that I liked about Innercise. Apart from the Science, there are stories or “Real People’ as John Assaraf puts it. It’s kind of empowering to read about other people that have benefited from doing this work. Not only does it make things more real but it kind of sets a ballpark for what you can achieve. 


  1. It’s a Lot To Take In!

Innercise is a reasonably short book (271 pages) with a relatively large font but it has a lot of information to take in. Especially if you are in the early days of applying the innercises but having said that, you don’t have to apply it all at once. If you buy this book, read it through once and then go back and focus on the areas that are most important/pertinent to you.

2.   Takes Committment

As with any spiritual development, any successes or lasting change takes a time committment.  The good news here is that even a little bit of innercise will help on a daily basis. You can tailor the time commitment to suit your life by focusing on the main areas that you want to see improvement or just doing the shorter innercises. Yes, there is a time commitment but it’s worth it. The easiest thing that I found was to add it into my daily morning routine. I am sure afternoon’s work just as well for people with too much on in the morning already.

I have this quote from Innercise that reflects a quote that is on my wall:

Intention + Action = Manifestation

There are three core neuro-muscles:

Awareness, to bring new insight to things inside and outside you that you barely notice and to give you the ability to choose.

Intention, to use the choice offered by awareness to decide what it is that you want.

Action, to focus on that chosen path and deliberately choose how you will think, feel and act.”

John Assaraf


As I have said, Innercise is not just another desk ornament. This is a book that I refer to often and will probably read again in it’s entirety. The book is not expensive, can be read and implemented pretty quickly and comes with a bunch of free online tools that I paid to have (in some cases) when I brought “Winning the Game of Fear” and “Winning the Game of Money” from Neurogym. The tools are supportive, useful and easily accessed. 

Even if you have a number of the Neurogym programmes, this book is just a good read and will only add to what you have already purchased/practiced. 

This is an excellent book for anyone that wants to beat the bogeyman, increase awareness, be more mindful, attract more wealth or more focus, improve your self talk and help you focus on your big goals. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in personal development and living an easier life.

As John Assaraf says:

Innercises are fast, reliable techniques to help you strengthen each of your core neuro-muscles.”

John Assaraf

Overall Score: 


Entrepreneuring – The How To Guide

TITLE: eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

PRICE: $12.59 USD
AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur
BOOK OVERVIEW: 263 pages of entrepreneurial advice


An entrepreneur is someone who claims a problem and decides to own the process of finding a solution to that problem. And that solution creates tremendous value in the lives of others.

Anik Singal

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to help others (and myself) get to a place of more freedom and a life of much more ease. The way I see that happening for me is to be able to work from home so that I can structure my own day, be my own boss and spend time doing more of the things that I love the most.

Get busy loving nature!

My mission is to help as many people as possible break free from the BRULE’s (Vishen Lakhiani’s word for Bullshit Rules) that we were taught as kids. One of them being that we need to have a J-O-B (Just Over Broke) to meet our responsibilities and be a contributing member of the over taxed economy. Basically, we need a JOB to be successful and maybe even to act as the label many of us need to have status in our society.

So, on my hunt to make more money online and keep learning – I brought Anik Singal’s book ‘eSCAPE – The 4 stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur.’

The Pro’s

  1. eSCAPE is super easy to read. I have been following Anik for a while and I like his style. I am about 75% through one of Lurn’s courses and this is probably one of the main reasons I brought this book. I trust what he has to say – he has the authority, given that he is living proof of what can be achieved online. As a mentor goes, he is a pretty good one. Not only that, I think that his heart is truly in the right place and honestly does want to help as many people as possible to live freer and march to their own drum.
  2. Good balance of conscious thought and business acumen. I really like that Anik balanced eSCAPE with ‘conscious’ comments as well as sound business advice. To quote Anik, “we fail because of how we make decisions. We fail because of the internal programming we’ve been building for decades.” True enough. Overcoming limiting beliefs has got to be one of the things to beat to become a successful entrepreneur. Good advice.
  3. Structure. I really like the structure of eSCAPE. At the end of each chapter, Anik asks a few very pointed questions to make you think about whether entrepreneurship is really for you and/or if you have the commitment to do what needs to be done. It worked for me anyway.
  4. Excellent entrepreneurial advice. eSCAPE is packed full of excellent advice, case studies, ways of thinking, do’s and don’ts and the good/bad stories of past experiences – mostly how one can learn from past mistakes. One of the stories Anik talks about is about an entrepreneur that duped his competition by telling them that he only works 9-5 so that the competitor would work less hours on his own business and therefore be less of a competitor. But, as Anik says – he really meant that he starts at 5.00am and works until 9.00pm – or something along those lines. As with Anik, it was a bit of a shit trick. But, I like the story because it spoke of Anik’s genuine business ethic and the fact that you don’t have to be immoral to be a successful entrepreneur.

The Con’s

  1. eSCORE. During the book, Anik presents a quiz to take will give you your ‘eSCORE’ – which shows you how likely it is that you will succeed as an entrepreneur and which areas need more focus to help you become a successful entrepreneur. I enjoyed the quiz and got a pretty good result. In fact, the areas that I need to work on were bang on the money. The only worry I have is that others may take this quiz, not do so well and choose not to follow an entrepreneurial path because of it. But, if taken as Anik meant, the quiz will not act as a deterrent only as a guide of what to focus on. Second thought, maybe this is another Pro!
  2. Work long hours. One of the key messages that are kind of laced through the whole book is that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to work long hours to get there. I have to be a bit careful here because it is clear that Anik loves what he does and it doesn’t feel like work. I believe that when we are doing what we love, nothing feels like work. But, being more focused on my spiritual side than my business side, the idea of having to trade one job for another that potentially
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Working-long-hours.jpg

has long hours doesn’t thrill me and I simply don’t believe this to be true. There is too much evidence to suggest that manifesting can be instant providing you stay in flow. Take inspired action for sure but don’t get caught in the long hours – UNLESS it’s stuff you truly love doing.


This is an excellent book and one everyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur should read. eSCAPE is written in honest easy to read language with excellent strategies and advice to take on and apply to your own entrepreneurial journey. I will read this book again one day and would recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

Final word from Anik:

..if you truly want to succeed as an Entrepreneur, you need to make a daily conscious effort to…

Keep learning…

Keep networking…

Keep practicing…

Anik Singal – eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Overall score: 90/100