Morning Routine – 7 Reasons Why Having One Is Important…

New Year’s Resolutions suck! It’s time for a new start, I need a morning routine but it doesn’t have to be at New Year’s! For years, I have stayed out of the trap of new years resolutions because they just don’t work and you end up downing yourself because you don’t follow through on the grandiose plans you have for your life simply because a new year has come around.

What I did promise myself is to complete my morning routine daily. Why? Because I know that my morning routine works and sets me up for a better day! Spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

A well rounded morning routine.

Promise To Self 2020

Without fail, I get up in the morning to a set morning routine. The reason that I implemented a morning routine is because everyone that I follow or mentor with all have some form of routine and swear by it. Everyone is different with different schedules and time pressures. So, it is important to create a morning routine that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. I get up really early (between 4-5 am – don’t judge me) so my morning routine is pretty long but I love it.

Coffee and journaling is a great part of any morning routine.
  1. First thing, waking up, sitting still by myself, thinking, listening to the birds – with a coffee. 10 minutes
  2. Guided meditation. 15 minutes
  3. Innercise (Neurogym) – Brain reprogramming to hit my subconscious beliefs. 30-40 minutes
  4. About 25 Affirmations depending. 5 minutes
  5. What Will It Takes (WWIT’s) – 10 minutes
  6. Gratitude Journal or just free writing journalling – 10 minutes
  7. Complete an online training module – between 10-30 minutes

WWIT’s is a tool that I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Course through Mindvalley. Basically, I ask the big questions in areas (usually abundance) of my life that I want to change. For example:

What will it take to have an abundance lifestyle without any debt?

Christie Marie Sheldon – Unlimited Abundance

Usually, I do about 30-40 WWIT’s each day. I find it is best to do them all at once in the morning because otherwise I get distracted throughout the day and forget to do them. It is similar to asking ‘How’ questions that Patrick Grove talks about. It’s not about telling the Universe how to do something but more about putting out what you want to receive and leaving the rest to spirit. Doing less to achieve more.

No exercise?

There should be some exercise as well but that will have to come later as I am focused on scaling my business. I always try to throw some exercise in throughout the day to keep my body moving – the morning exercise routine will have to come later. My routine is long enough as it is – to throw in something else is probably not sustainable! I have other well-being tools that I also implement throughout the day.

Why Is A Morning Routine So Important?

Apart from the fact that all of the truly abundant (all areas of their lives) people on the planet have their own routine’s, since I have implemented mine and applied it consistently, I have experienced all of the following benefits.

  1. Increases focus
  2. Reduces anxiety, increases calmness and peacefulness
  3. Mindfulness training
  4. Better sleep
  5. Improves mood
  6. Raises your vibration
  7. Sets your day up for positivity

If you are feeling out of sorts, having a morning routine really helps. A morning routine became a must for me after experiencing panic attacks. A morning routine has helped me to quiet my mind and ease the nerves!

I hope the same can be true for you. Just remember to apply your morning routines consistently. As Michael Beckwith says (paraphrased),

You don’t leave your house without brushing your teeth or having a shower, so why would you start your day without a meditation or morning routine?