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Innercise – The New Science To Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power

AUTHOR:                                     John Assaraf

PRICE:                                         $11.35

AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR?     Spiritual Seekers, Personal Development lovers, Cynics & Believers

PRODUCT OVERVIEW:              Tools for Personal Development And Lasting Change



The likely central reason why you’re stuck earning an income you’re not happy with has far less to do with your intellect, talent, or who you know, and much more to do with you being conditioned to accept a certain amount of income. You could think of this as your financial set point.

John Assaraf

Short Version

Another excellent product/book by John Assaraf. Innercise (short version because it is a long title) is an incredibly functional book that is easy to read, full of good stories, thought provoking and potentially life changing.

It is getting a bit hard to be seen as an impartial book reviewer at the moment because I only seem to be giving awesome reviews. But, to my credit – I know myself pretty well and the books that I would like to read, so it makes sense that I am likely to choose good books (for me). It also helps that I have completed many of Neurogym’s programmes over time and John Assaraf’s book Innercise felt like having a coffee with an old friend.

Having been a neurogym student for some time, I am probably a bit biased about Innercise but given that reviews are opinionated I’m not concerned. Sometimes you just have to take a stand – right?

John Assaraf (for me personally) has a great demeanor, doesn’t speak down to anyone and clearly has a heartfelt passion for helping others free themselves of blocks and personal struggles for wealth, weight loss, anxiety, business success, fear – the list goes on. This tone is also reflected in Innercise. 

It was quite hard to find my favourite quote for Innercise because the whole book is full of post it tags and highlighted text.  To be perfectly honest, Innercise sits permanently on my desk because it has so many tools throughout.


  1.   Packed full of tools!

Seriously not joking when I say that this book is full of tools that you can implement daily and immediately throughout the book.  Apart from the helpful advice that John Assaraf talks about, the book has specific ‘innercises’ to help with virtually anything. It may sound crazy to innercise but when you read the book and actually apply the innercises you will see virtually immediate results if you stick with them and apply them consistently. For me, seeing actual results is a real bonus because most other things take time to materialise results. Again, for me – others may have better manifesting powers! As a past sufferer of anxiety. I am happy to say that innercises daily has sent my anxiety attacks packing.

2.   Backed by Tonnes of Online Resources

At the end of every chapter, there is a scanny thing (not sure what they are called) for your phone that will take you directly to the relevant guided innercise audio and physical resource – where available.

Scanny thing

3.   Scientifically Proven!

Even if you are new to the idea that your brain can be re-programmed, this book is packed with scientific research that supports the view that re-programming can actually be done and truly works. That is not the only thing that I liked about Innercise. Apart from the Science, there are stories or “Real People’ as John Assaraf puts it. It’s kind of empowering to read about other people that have benefited from doing this work. Not only does it make things more real but it kind of sets a ballpark for what you can achieve. 


  1. It’s a Lot To Take In!

Innercise is a reasonably short book (271 pages) with a relatively large font but it has a lot of information to take in. Especially if you are in the early days of applying the innercises but having said that, you don’t have to apply it all at once. If you buy this book, read it through once and then go back and focus on the areas that are most important/pertinent to you.

2.   Takes Committment

As with any spiritual development, any successes or lasting change takes a time committment.  The good news here is that even a little bit of innercise will help on a daily basis. You can tailor the time commitment to suit your life by focusing on the main areas that you want to see improvement or just doing the shorter innercises. Yes, there is a time commitment but it’s worth it. The easiest thing that I found was to add it into my daily morning routine. I am sure afternoon’s work just as well for people with too much on in the morning already.

I have this quote from Innercise that reflects a quote that is on my wall:

Intention + Action = Manifestation

There are three core neuro-muscles:

Awareness, to bring new insight to things inside and outside you that you barely notice and to give you the ability to choose.

Intention, to use the choice offered by awareness to decide what it is that you want.

Action, to focus on that chosen path and deliberately choose how you will think, feel and act.”

John Assaraf


As I have said, Innercise is not just another desk ornament. This is a book that I refer to often and will probably read again in it’s entirety. The book is not expensive, can be read and implemented pretty quickly and comes with a bunch of free online tools that I paid to have (in some cases) when I brought “Winning the Game of Fear” and “Winning the Game of Money” from Neurogym. The tools are supportive, useful and easily accessed. 

Even if you have a number of the Neurogym programmes, this book is just a good read and will only add to what you have already purchased/practiced. 

This is an excellent book for anyone that wants to beat the bogeyman, increase awareness, be more mindful, attract more wealth or more focus, improve your self talk and help you focus on your big goals. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in personal development and living an easier life.

As John Assaraf says:

Innercises are fast, reliable techniques to help you strengthen each of your core neuro-muscles.”

John Assaraf

Overall Score: 


Entrepreneuring – The How To Guide

TITLE: eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

PRICE: $12.59 USD
AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur
BOOK OVERVIEW: 263 pages of entrepreneurial advice


An entrepreneur is someone who claims a problem and decides to own the process of finding a solution to that problem. And that solution creates tremendous value in the lives of others.

Anik Singal

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to help others (and myself) get to a place of more freedom and a life of much more ease. The way I see that happening for me is to be able to work from home so that I can structure my own day, be my own boss and spend time doing more of the things that I love the most.

Get busy loving nature!

My mission is to help as many people as possible break free from the BRULE’s (Vishen Lakhiani’s word for Bullshit Rules) that we were taught as kids. One of them being that we need to have a J-O-B (Just Over Broke) to meet our responsibilities and be a contributing member of the over taxed economy. Basically, we need a JOB to be successful and maybe even to act as the label many of us need to have status in our society.

So, on my hunt to make more money online and keep learning – I brought Anik Singal’s book ‘eSCAPE – The 4 stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur.’

The Pro’s

  1. eSCAPE is super easy to read. I have been following Anik for a while and I like his style. I am about 75% through one of Lurn’s courses and this is probably one of the main reasons I brought this book. I trust what he has to say – he has the authority, given that he is living proof of what can be achieved online. As a mentor goes, he is a pretty good one. Not only that, I think that his heart is truly in the right place and honestly does want to help as many people as possible to live freer and march to their own drum.
  2. Good balance of conscious thought and business acumen. I really like that Anik balanced eSCAPE with ‘conscious’ comments as well as sound business advice. To quote Anik, “we fail because of how we make decisions. We fail because of the internal programming we’ve been building for decades.” True enough. Overcoming limiting beliefs has got to be one of the things to beat to become a successful entrepreneur. Good advice.
  3. Structure. I really like the structure of eSCAPE. At the end of each chapter, Anik asks a few very pointed questions to make you think about whether entrepreneurship is really for you and/or if you have the commitment to do what needs to be done. It worked for me anyway.
  4. Excellent entrepreneurial advice. eSCAPE is packed full of excellent advice, case studies, ways of thinking, do’s and don’ts and the good/bad stories of past experiences – mostly how one can learn from past mistakes. One of the stories Anik talks about is about an entrepreneur that duped his competition by telling them that he only works 9-5 so that the competitor would work less hours on his own business and therefore be less of a competitor. But, as Anik says – he really meant that he starts at 5.00am and works until 9.00pm – or something along those lines. As with Anik, it was a bit of a shit trick. But, I like the story because it spoke of Anik’s genuine business ethic and the fact that you don’t have to be immoral to be a successful entrepreneur.

The Con’s

  1. eSCORE. During the book, Anik presents a quiz to take will give you your ‘eSCORE’ – which shows you how likely it is that you will succeed as an entrepreneur and which areas need more focus to help you become a successful entrepreneur. I enjoyed the quiz and got a pretty good result. In fact, the areas that I need to work on were bang on the money. The only worry I have is that others may take this quiz, not do so well and choose not to follow an entrepreneurial path because of it. But, if taken as Anik meant, the quiz will not act as a deterrent only as a guide of what to focus on. Second thought, maybe this is another Pro!
  2. Work long hours. One of the key messages that are kind of laced through the whole book is that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to work long hours to get there. I have to be a bit careful here because it is clear that Anik loves what he does and it doesn’t feel like work. I believe that when we are doing what we love, nothing feels like work. But, being more focused on my spiritual side than my business side, the idea of having to trade one job for another that potentially
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has long hours doesn’t thrill me and I simply don’t believe this to be true. There is too much evidence to suggest that manifesting can be instant providing you stay in flow. Take inspired action for sure but don’t get caught in the long hours – UNLESS it’s stuff you truly love doing.


This is an excellent book and one everyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur should read. eSCAPE is written in honest easy to read language with excellent strategies and advice to take on and apply to your own entrepreneurial journey. I will read this book again one day and would recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

Final word from Anik:

..if you truly want to succeed as an Entrepreneur, you need to make a daily conscious effort to…

Keep learning…

Keep networking…

Keep practicing…

Anik Singal – eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Overall score: 90/100

Wayne Dyer Never Fails – Wishes Fulfilled!

Dr Wayne W. Dyer is the best selling author of over 20 books and it can easily be said, an expert in manifesting he is also well known as the “Father of Motivation”. His life work was to elevate the consciousness of as may people as possible through Self Empowerment and Personal Growth. His work has had a powerful and life changing effect on me and I am sure continues to do so for a vast amount of people on the planet. He was a true visionary and his work just keeps on giving.

It is my absolute pleasure to write a review for Dr Wayne W. Dyer’s book Wishes Fulfilled. Because of Wayne’s very personable writing style, his books are never difficult to read but this one I found absolutely enthralling. I just about used up all of my sticky note tabs marking what I thought to be the key points or particularly thought provoking that I needed to re-visit.

Wishes Fulfilled takes the concept of the Art of Manifesting and the tools provided in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne to a whole new level. With well-researched ideas and a common sense approach to life, Wishes Fulfilled gives you the very tools you need to manifest anything that you want into your life but you may need to open your mind before you read it.

Our Higher Selves

I have always believed (well as long as I can remember) in the concept of my higher self but Wishes Fulfilled goes even deeper than I had considered previously. For me, it is a fact that we are all connected on this planet and this book not only reinforces that concept but explores some very well researched content that proves (to me) that not only are we connected, but the knowledge of this has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

“Health, wealth, beauty and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind – that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”


This is one of the first quotes that peeked my interest because of when it was written. Many people would believe that “The Secret” was the trail blazer but Neville and many others beat them to it by a country mile.

I love the idea of needing to have a “burning desire” to drive you towards all of your manifesting dreams. First termed by Neville, Wayne Dyer takes it further to say we need to see ourselves as “observers.” Not letting our thoughts control us and throwing out the negative ones that keep us stuck in a life of ordinary.



Then Choose….”

Wayne Dyer

According to Wayne, we need to use our burning desire to become the manifesters we want to be by only focusing on those thoughts that are for our highest good and remembering we are divine. Christie Marie Sheldon puts this very well. We are “infinite beings having a human experience.”

The chapters of Wishes Fulfilled that focus on our higher selves continues to deliver quotes and ideas that are supportive of the concept of our higher selves but I have to say that these chapters have changed the way that I approach my days. Wayne’s view that we are equal to or are God will be pretty mind boggling and blasphemous for some but this is why it is so important to read this book with an open mind.

In my view, this book truly convinces one that we are all God and have access to all that God does if we only change our attention. Our focus. My favourite quote of this section follows:

“Believing in that ego-driven idea of God as a malevolent super being who plays favourites and is filled with rage if you displease Him is akin to believing in the Easter bunny and praying that that rabbit to solve your problems. Keep uppermost in your thoughts the words of Jesus – “God is love” – and that you are proud to be that all-powerful God yourself.”

Wayne Dyer

I will never use God’s name in vain again. My “I AM’s” will only ever be positive ones.

The Five Foundations

There is so much in Wishes Fulfilled that I would love to quote but I want people to read this post so that more people read the book – so, I will struggle along to summarise my thoughts on this wonderful book in as few words as possible.

The Five Foundations that Wayne talks about are fairly obvious to anyone that has read or studied personal development and wellness.  But there are obvious differences and the author explores each topic from a spiritual viewpoint rather than scientifically – which I really liked.

Rather than completely plagiarise the book, there are five key themes (or foundations as they are called in Wishes Fulfilled) that a generally as follows:

  1. The Importance of Imagination
  2. Live now as though you already have ‘it’
  3. Feeling that you have it on an emotional level
  4. Unwavering attention
  5. Visualising before sleep

1. The Importance of Imagination

Two of the main things that I picked up in this segment of the book is about not limiting our imaginations and to never tell anyone else about our dreams. These two things will stay with me forever. Almost immediately after finishing Wishes Fulfilled, myself and my partner met with a Financial Advisor to map out our next five year plan. When I told him about developing an Affiliate Marketing business so that I could work from home, his comment was “Oh, that will never work. We’ve had other clients that have tried that and they’ve failed. Boom! Positive reinforcement not to share.

I’m refusing to let anyone drag my dreams down.   As Wayne says:

“Reprogram your imagination to take you everywhere – everywhere that you are brave enough to envision for yourself.”

Wayne Dyer

We have to think expansively to stay true to our higher selves. I follow Mike Dooley and one of his catch phrases is “Thoughts become Things. Pick the good ones.” It’s easy to say, “stay positive” to someone but it’s more than that. When we catch ourselves thinking negatively, it’s important to choose more expansive thoughts.  Thoughts that have “a sacred sense of rightness” always moving us to a higher vibration. A higher vibration that is not controlled by ego that exists purely to keep us physically ‘safe’ but also too grounded to be elevated.

2. Living As if You Already Have ‘IT’

Wayne calls this “Living From the End” which automatically made me think, What??? Live now as if you’re about to die?  But thankfully, that is the opposite of what this means.

I imagine many people would struggle with living a ‘hard’ life as though they were living the life of Megan Markle (if that’s your thing). But at no stage in my manifestation journey have I come across an author that will encourage the reader to dwell on a problem in order to manifest a brighter future. 

Used in conjunction with an expansive imagination, living as though you actually have it has to be a key component of manifesting all of your goals.

As Wayne puts it, “By placing new I ams into your imagination, your future dream is a present fact.”

I have struggled with this principal since I began working with manifestation because it feels like I am lying to myself or avoiding the reality of a particular situation. But that is just bullshit. It’s that choice thing again. I love what Wayne has to say about this and it is well put.

This isn’t pretending or fooling yourself. It is inviting your spirit rather than your physical form to generate the creative essence of your reality.

Wayne Dyer
Be expansive!

3. Feeling ‘IT”

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”

Neville from Wishes Fulfilled

This quote says it all for me but again, this is another key foundation of Wishes Fulfilled that I believe people that are experiencing hardship would struggle with. However, Wishes Fulfilled emphasises the point that we must find a way to convince our subconscious minds so that our mind does the work for us and proceeds to bring our desires about. Wayne says we have to really FEEL as though our wishes have been fulfilled.

As Wayne points out, our subconscious mind is “impersonal and non-selective.” It doesn’t care about what we want. We just need to master assuming the feeling of having our wishes fulfilled. 

Wishes Fulfilled points out that, as soon as the subconscious mind receives a feeling impression, it takes action. What an awesome thing to know and have at our disposal!

We have to remember (at all times) that we have the power to choose our thoughts. Therefore, we have to choose the good ones to re-train our subconscious.

4. Unwavering Attention

Over the years of studying the laws of attraction and manifestation, one of the things that has been a common theme is the importance of staying 100% focused on the goal that you want to achieve. Live it, breathe it and as the last foundation reveals, sleep it.

Obviously, this segment of the book speaks to this a lot more but I think the point is made here. One quote I really loved that will give you a sense of where the book goes:

“Our thoughts are traitors. Anyone or anything trying to diminish your inner feelings with doubt is a traitor to be banished.”

Shakespeare in Wishes Fulfilled

5. Visualising Before Sleep

It seems that another good habit to adopt is to use the time before going to sleep to help us to manifest. I first encountered the idea of using sleep to heal when I did a short class on lucid dreaming (to be followed up again in the not too distant future) . I really like this idea and it works well with Wayne’s view that we tell our mind what we want and then it goes off to do the work. 

As with anything to do with the art of manifesting, imagining what you want to manifest before bedtime requires faith and the unflinching belief that anything is possible because we are all part of God (just living a human existence).

To finish this very long book review, I will leave you with another quote I loved:

You don’t have to understand it all; all you need to do is remain in a state of love while reprogramming your subconscious mind to develop the habits of a God-realised being, rather than an ego-dominated person.

Wayne Dyer

This book is for anyone who wants to manifest their best for their highest good.

Rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear any comments you have or your thoughts on the book!