Struggles! Is Clickfunnels Worth it?

At the end of the second week of the One Funnel Away Challenge and I have to admit I’m really struggling.

A funnel that I had already written through the bootcamp has been a technical nightmare for me to set up – given that I am not technical in the slightest. I have this horrible feeling that I am making things a lot more complicated than it needs to be but I am not sure how to change that. 

It feels a little bit like the old days when I had to learn how to do everything, learn what various bits of jargon and new terminologies mean before I can move forward. Wall after wall seems to be further confusing me and I feel a little bit like I am going around in circles.

If you are technical or understand SMTP and domain integrations, then you would be off and running. I on the other hand am having to learn how to get a clue.

Time To Get A Grip! Opportunity Cost

Many things about the one funnel away challenge have reminded me of things that I already knew but have chosen not to do or forgotten to do. I do want to know about all of the aspects of this business but I am not sure that I need to be learning those things now. Click funnels has got an awesome support team that generally respond within in minutes and usually fix any issues that you’re having but in this case, I just couldn’t get my email sequence to send to my opt ins.

With Stephen Larson’s opportunity cost ringing in my ears, I decided it was time to get a grip and stop trying to do it all myself. Personally, I have lived my life and taught my daughter (probably wrongly) that if you can do it yourself, don’t ask someone else to do it. I get it from my Dad. We all get these BRULE’s (Bullshit Rules) about life. All well meant and learnt from their life experiences but I am not sure they serve us now.

So, opportunity cost. I decided to outsource the technical stuff so that I can get on with the writing. I never wanted to trade a job for a job so I am going to have to outsource the tough stuff and do more of the fun stuff.

Hooks, Hooks And More Hooks

To be perfectly honest, the technical stuff isn’t the only struggle. One of the tasks from this week was to work on our ‘hooks’ to get our customers attention. I have to admit to having a total brain freeze all weekend on this one. The only hooks I have ever used is to catch fish!

A bit out of my comfort zone!

I am sure that I am like a lot of people that have been raised to have an open mistrust of pushy sales people. Those car salesmen people. People that are really only in for their profit. Only there to rip you off and sell you a lemon. I know that I have this BRULE deeply ingrained. I know because I have this reluctance to ‘sell to people’ because it makes me feel tarnished or I think I will need to be really pushy or a trickster to get someone to buy from me.

I know that I need to get clear of the pushy salesman view because it is a huge block to my success and my ability to be able to help others. 

To explain, one of the ‘reminders’ I spoke about earlier that I have got from the challenge – is that marketing isn’t sleazy and it certainly doesn’t have to be pushy. Sales and marketing done well and ethically is actually a force for good. It was a real epiphany for me to realise that ‘good’ marketing actually helps a lot of people to find products or things that they want and need.

All of us that have this view of the pushy sales man (or woman) need to ditch it as the BRULE that it is. The whole reason why I promote Clickfunnels is because it is an excellent product that makes creating sales pages and funnels quick and easy (except for my SMTP issue – which is my issue) to use with an outstanding support system. 

For a non-creative person, the software at Clickfunnels is fantastic.

Plan A – Doing It All Myself to Plan B – Move it on!

Russell Brunson and Stephen Larson are re-enforcers and tutors. I have already learnt a lot on this challenge and been thankfully reminded of many others. The daily videos and homework are an excellent motivator to stay on top of the daily tasks. I have spent my weekend working on mine to make sure that I don’t fall behind and miss something along the way.

That is not generally me – I am a manana kind of girl! 

Clickfunnels has put me in competition with myself. Calling this 30 days a challenge has changed everything. Along with Russell and Stephen, I am holding myself accountable for getting this done. That’s a great thing.

So, the other funny thing. I’m not much of a planner either. After completing this weekends task (which I struggled with because of the hooks), I looked at the completed page and realised that Russell had just made me ‘plan’!

in front of me, I had these train tracks for the funnel that we will be making next week. That’s exciting. And, now I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed. 

Plan B – done. 

Technical stuff – gone and sorted. 

Exciting times!

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

So far? Absolutely!

4 thoughts on “Struggles! Is Clickfunnels Worth it?”

  1. Wow, I’d love to try this 30 days challenge though. I love pushing myself beyond my limits because stretching my limits have made me been able to take more challenge. Talking about bullshitting rules I have been a victim of that where you said “If you can do it…” It seem like one big shit to me. I would suggest we seek assistance and better knowledge on something even if we can do it. How do I get on with this 30days challenge? 

    1. Thanks for your comment Dane. If you love a challenge, this is certainly it! It challenged me mainly because I had to learn all the techy stuff behind he scenes to get my funnel functional. 

      The community is great, the training is excellent and inspirational and the best thing is that these guys have already ‘made’ it using the exact same formula.

      It’s definitely worth doing. Here’s my affiliate link if you want to get on the challenge. https://webclass.clickfunnels….

      There is absolutely no bullshit about this.

      If you do it, I’m more than happy to help anyway I can.


  2. Is click funnel a lot of trouble or its just you? Well, I have heard if it on some places before and its gotten some very good review. Its normal to see people have their troubles in any business. I see where you’re coming from on this. I also contemplate it too. Maybe I should dive in or not. Well, since in the end, its all going to he profitable then why not? You’re getting better at it now than ever I suppose.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      Thanks for your comment. The challenge is intense the first time round – especially if you have to learn how to set up the back end at the same time. Which was me. If you have a lot more technical ability than me, it would be easier as you just have to focus on the challenge tasks. 

      I would recommend it to anyone and do! You can find out more about it here. If you click on any of the highlighted links, it will take you to the webinar.

      Definitely worth it and yes, getting better every day. I understand a whole lot more now and the software for building the funnels was the easy bit. It’s great!

      Thanks again for your comment.


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