Living In Awe! Why it’s a Must to Manifest Abundance.

The Law of Attraction has been a fascination for me (like millions of other people) since The Secret came out . I was aware of the Law of Attraction before but thought it was really just a bit of hocus pocus or something that just worked for everyone else. That became even more true for me when I did everything that the Secret said to do and nothing eventuated. Nothing changed. Back to the grind! But, if I am perfectly honest – I never lost the interest. It’s hard to deny that it works when you see so many people living it these days. 

More and more people seem to be living their dream lives because the Law of Attraction is all that they focus on. The rest “just comes”. So, in my search for what truly makes the Law of Attaction work reliably and at will, I have come up with some key themes that I see reflected in every single story told by the successful manifestors of the world. 

It is seriously easy to get lost in what needs to be done to manifest abundance. According to a survey conducted by Inspire3, when people were asked: “Do you get the results you expect when using the Law of Attraction?” – 94% said no.  That is a seriously bum statistic.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all divine beings having a human experience. Which also means that I firmly believe that we all have the power to manifest the lives that we want at any time in our life – so, why aren’t we constantly manifesting abundance all the time?

Manifest Abundance the Awesome Way

The understanding that life always gets in the way has got to become a BRULE (a bullshit rule). However we do it, we have to find ways to overcome the hurdles that life has thrown at us and remind ourselves that everything we experience is to teach us something or other. PLUS, remind us to revert to our natural states of joy and awe! 

To manifest abundance, we need to re-discover our ability to life in an almost constant state of awe. I don’t believe it matters how we do that – just that we do. One of the simplest reminders that I can think of, is to look at our children. They don’t know how to be any other way. Their focus is 100% on the immediate task – and it is mindblowing how free they are when they experience life through their untainted perspective! 

I have been involved in Rao Srikumar’s quest through MindValley called “The Quest for Personal Mastery”. One of the tools that taught me is to start looking at the world through a different lens. When you next walk out your front door, spend some time re-focusing on the everyday things that you see around you. Oddly, the things you start looking at through this different lens take on a whole lot more vibrancy.

And, trust me. Spend just one day doing this as often as you can, changes your perspective and mood almost instantly. 

In an interview with Vishen Lakhiani, Jason Silva mentioned a Robert Zemeckis movie about a character being a “Wonder junkie.” I love it! This is what it really means to view the world through a different lens.

Gratitude is Key!

It’s no secret that gratitude is a big part of manifesting abundance. It makes perfect sense. Like watching our children at play, gratitude instantly changes moods. It’s is incredibly hard to keep a negative thought when you are fully emersed in a gratitude visualisation. I know that all I have to do is think about my picture of Conrad (pictured above) to get that warm fuzzy feeling that being in awe brings. Again though, it’s incredibly easy to get bogged down with all the worries of the world but there are heaps of tools that can help.

One of the things that Abraham Hicks talk about is an exercise called the rage of appreciation. When you are having a bad day, it’s a fantastic tool to bring yourself around. I am probably explaining this in an overly simplistic way, but my view of the rage of appreciation is to spend at least ten minutes a day thinking about everything that I am grateful for in that particular moment. 

Another good one is something I learnt from Wayne Dyer. Every morning, before doing anything else he would simply sit and say thank you several times. There are multiple versions of this but another good way of reminding ourselves to stay in an attitude of gratitude is to journal it. Some recommend doing this morning and evening but I believe that it is entirely up to the individual. Just try to be thankful as often as you can.

The Importance of Higher Vibrations

I have read hundreds (well maybe not hundreds – but ALOT) of books on the Law of Attraction and the Art of Manifesting. I frequently found myself wondering how on earth I could apply all of the different things that people recommend to build your manifesting skills. I think that the many many theories flying around these days is one of the main reasons why people stick their head back in the sand and soldier on doing what they have always done – because that seems easier. 

For most of us, I think we need to simplify EVERYTHING. The Law of Attraction is no different. The more we are in a constant state of flow (a higher vibration) the more likely we are to manifest all of our desires in all areas of our lives. 

Jason Silva talked about this in reference to the research done through the Flow Genome Project by Steven Kotler.

“When people are in flow, not only do they feel their best, not only did they perform their best, but like existentially, it puts them in the right space, because they’re not so concerned about the future anymore.”

Jason Silva

We have the tools to do this but they need to be consistently applied. A few things that I have learnt along the way that help:

  • Mindfulness exercises – easy to find, apply and often freely offered on the Internet
  • Breathing exercises – easy to find, apply and often freely offered on the internet
  • Mel Robbin’s 5 second rule – A great book to read and an easy technique to apply 
  • Meditation – pick one that you like and try to meditate daily, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day. Morning is best.
  • Smart phone – I know this sounds counter-intuitive but you can use this for reminders to have a ten minute rage (of appreciation)
  • Tapping – I haven’t done a lot of this but I do know that when I have, it has helped immensely at anxious times!
  • Affirmations
  • Yoga

It is no secret that life gets in the way and knocks us all off our manifesting pedestals but if we are to stay in flow, we have to use all of our tools to stay connected and stay on track.  

It probably also helps to remember that the Universe ALWAYS has our back and that it’s important to be in awe more.

Find something you love and do more of that!

Natalie Ledwell