Man’s Search For Meaning – What Do We Do It All For?

Many many years ago, I read Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning and it had a profound affect on me. I remember being totally in awe of a man that can find purpose and his meaning for living in a place that can really only be considered hell on earth. 

Now, looking back I understand that remembering the story means that I have missed the point entirely. Clearly the book didn’t have the impact that it should have had. Understanding is one thing. Applying the lesson is another.

The ‘Meaning’ That I Missed

I have been reading an E-Book called the No-BS Manifesting Guide from and it is kind of what has prompted me to write this post. Having always believed in the spiritual side of our experience on earth, I have always believed in the Law of Attraction and our innate abilities to manifest anything we want. Be manifesting magnets.

Not for a second am I saying that I have mastered this but I know that I am getting there – applying everything that I learn and staying in a positive vibe as often as I can. But, a bit annoyingly this E-book jumps straight into the science behind manifesting. It is really quick to point out that The Law of Attraction is rubbish because there is a missing peice that 94% of people miss – and this is why they never get to be the manifesting magnets we all should be. Dangerously leading people to believe that the Law of Attraction is garbage and not meant for them.

There are many quotes from incredibly qualified bright minds saying that Rhonda Byrne of The Secret couldn’t possibly understand quantum physics and that there is evidence from these quantum physicists that she clearly doesn’t understand the laws of quantum physics.

But, so what? One of my strongest beliefs (and this may be a hugely limiting belief) is that not everything is scientific. I have always held that there are things that science just can’t possibly explain and probably never will. The Law of Attraction being one of them. But, and this is a big but – I also firmly believe that we (each and every one of us) hold the key to our personal freedom on this plane.

Going back to the lesson from Man’s Search For Meaning. When I read the book, it profoundly affected me but didn’t change me. I missed the meaning behind the lesson. Personal freedom, comes from within. Find happiness with self, in any situation and the ‘good’ flows from that. This is the lesson we should be applying in our lives all day everyday. I know that is easier said than done.

The No-BS Manifesting Guide

To be fair to the No-BS Manifesting Guide, whilst pointing out that the Law of Attraction (or ‘The Secret’) doesn’t work because of that missing peice, it goes on to say that manifesting is a process – that everyone can apply. There is just an extra step. It’s not just believe, visualise and then sit back and wait for the benevolent universe to provide. 

In all of the research that I have done over the years, there are a number of key things that consistently keep coming up and the No-BS Manifesting Guide sums it up pretty well.

Focus – Boost – Release – Gratitude – Go!

All pretty self explanatory but is it still a little simplistic? Is the No-BS Manifesting Guide just adding to the confusion of how this all works? 

I agree that focus is a very important ingredient to manifesting but I worry about all of the material that is available to us online. All of the free and paid resources that all have a slightly different viewpoint or a different name for the same thing. This guide is no exception. It is another resource that has the potential to bump people off their manifesting paths by adding to the confusion about this whole topic. It is my firm belief, that confusion is one of the main reasons that people are in the 94% that can’t seem to make manifesting work for them. There is no doubt that it’s time to cut through all of the crap.

The No-BS Manifesting Guide is a good read and one that I will finish but I just wanted to write this as a warning to read everything from a place of inquisition and only take on the tools that feel right for you personally.

Goal Setting – Just Start!

In the past, I have written quite a lot about whether to have a plan or not. I have always resisted having a plan set in stone for what I want to achieve so have never really written anything down – until recently. A Harvard Study on Goal Setting noted that in general, most people who don’t write down their goals will never achieve them. My view has always been that I don’t want to restrict what I manifest by writing it down.

But, having said that – I have to take a leaf out of Vishen Lakhiani’s book ‘Code of the Extraordinary Mind’. I am now of the view that it is great to set goals providing we do it the right way and we should be very careful how we go about it. Vishen talks about means goals versus end goals and I think this is a very important distinction when it comes to going about setting your goals. 

End Goal: An ultimate aim or destination – often discerned by following one’s heart and feelings; the opposite of a Means Goal.

Means Goal: A goal (sometimes a BRULE) mistakenly identified and pursued as an end in itself, when in fact it is simply a means to a larger, more fulfilling end.

BRULE: A bulls**t rule. An element of the culturescape that an individual has decided to ignore or dismiss as untrue or irrelevant to that individual’s worldview.

Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

When it comes to manifesting, I think this is the best and foremost place to start manifesting everything that you want. It also helps to create the focus points that we all need to stay on track and start saying no to all of the distractions.

Vishen has a really good free tool here on Youtube. It’s a quick exercise and really enjoyable.

This Is Not A Review

This is not a review of the No-BS Manifesting Guide – mainly because I haven’t finished it and I know that it appears that I am bagging what I have read so far so I would like to dispel that. The main point is that to me, it is as important to have faith in the wonderful powers of an abundant universe as it is to have goals and take steps to making them happen.

“I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

Elon Musk