Power up! It’s Time to Put Your Brain Straight.

Innercise – The New Science To Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power

AUTHOR:                                     John Assaraf

PRICE:                                         $11.35

AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR?     Spiritual Seekers, Personal Development lovers, Cynics & Believers

PRODUCT OVERVIEW:              Tools for Personal Development And Lasting Change



The likely central reason why you’re stuck earning an income you’re not happy with has far less to do with your intellect, talent, or who you know, and much more to do with you being conditioned to accept a certain amount of income. You could think of this as your financial set point.

John Assaraf

Short Version

Another excellent product/book by John Assaraf. Innercise (short version because it is a long title) is an incredibly functional book that is easy to read, full of good stories, thought provoking and potentially life changing.

It is getting a bit hard to be seen as an impartial book reviewer at the moment because I only seem to be giving awesome reviews. But, to my credit – I know myself pretty well and the books that I would like to read, so it makes sense that I am likely to choose good books (for me). It also helps that I have completed many of Neurogym’s programmes over time and John Assaraf’s book Innercise felt like having a coffee with an old friend.

Having been a neurogym student for some time, I am probably a bit biased about Innercise but given that reviews are opinionated I’m not concerned. Sometimes you just have to take a stand – right?

John Assaraf (for me personally) has a great demeanor, doesn’t speak down to anyone and clearly has a heartfelt passion for helping others free themselves of blocks and personal struggles for wealth, weight loss, anxiety, business success, fear – the list goes on. This tone is also reflected in Innercise. 

It was quite hard to find my favourite quote for Innercise because the whole book is full of post it tags and highlighted text.  To be perfectly honest, Innercise sits permanently on my desk because it has so many tools throughout.


  1.   Packed full of tools!

Seriously not joking when I say that this book is full of tools that you can implement daily and immediately throughout the book.  Apart from the helpful advice that John Assaraf talks about, the book has specific ‘innercises’ to help with virtually anything. It may sound crazy to innercise but when you read the book and actually apply the innercises you will see virtually immediate results if you stick with them and apply them consistently. For me, seeing actual results is a real bonus because most other things take time to materialise results. Again, for me – others may have better manifesting powers! As a past sufferer of anxiety. I am happy to say that innercises daily has sent my anxiety attacks packing.

2.   Backed by Tonnes of Online Resources

At the end of every chapter, there is a scanny thing (not sure what they are called) for your phone that will take you directly to the relevant guided innercise audio and physical resource – where available.

Scanny thing

3.   Scientifically Proven!

Even if you are new to the idea that your brain can be re-programmed, this book is packed with scientific research that supports the view that re-programming can actually be done and truly works. That is not the only thing that I liked about Innercise. Apart from the Science, there are stories or “Real People’ as John Assaraf puts it. It’s kind of empowering to read about other people that have benefited from doing this work. Not only does it make things more real but it kind of sets a ballpark for what you can achieve. 


  1. It’s a Lot To Take In!

Innercise is a reasonably short book (271 pages) with a relatively large font but it has a lot of information to take in. Especially if you are in the early days of applying the innercises but having said that, you don’t have to apply it all at once. If you buy this book, read it through once and then go back and focus on the areas that are most important/pertinent to you.

2.   Takes Committment

As with any spiritual development, any successes or lasting change takes a time committment.  The good news here is that even a little bit of innercise will help on a daily basis. You can tailor the time commitment to suit your life by focusing on the main areas that you want to see improvement or just doing the shorter innercises. Yes, there is a time commitment but it’s worth it. The easiest thing that I found was to add it into my daily morning routine. I am sure afternoon’s work just as well for people with too much on in the morning already.

I have this quote from Innercise that reflects a quote that is on my wall:

Intention + Action = Manifestation

There are three core neuro-muscles:

Awareness, to bring new insight to things inside and outside you that you barely notice and to give you the ability to choose.

Intention, to use the choice offered by awareness to decide what it is that you want.

Action, to focus on that chosen path and deliberately choose how you will think, feel and act.”

John Assaraf


As I have said, Innercise is not just another desk ornament. This is a book that I refer to often and will probably read again in it’s entirety. The book is not expensive, can be read and implemented pretty quickly and comes with a bunch of free online tools that I paid to have (in some cases) when I brought “Winning the Game of Fear” and “Winning the Game of Money” from Neurogym. The tools are supportive, useful and easily accessed. 

Even if you have a number of the Neurogym programmes, this book is just a good read and will only add to what you have already purchased/practiced. 

This is an excellent book for anyone that wants to beat the bogeyman, increase awareness, be more mindful, attract more wealth or more focus, improve your self talk and help you focus on your big goals. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in personal development and living an easier life.

As John Assaraf says:

Innercises are fast, reliable techniques to help you strengthen each of your core neuro-muscles.”

John Assaraf

Overall Score: 


90 Days to Change – Yeah Right!

Don’t Believe the Hype – Spirituality doesn’t work to a timepiece!

During winning the Game of Fear, John Assaraf demonstrated this lovely graph. It was your standard bell curve graph that showed a 90 day timeline. The graph referenced showed that a habit or programming generally fades into the distance at the end of a 90 day period.

……………………………………………………………….Yeah Right!

I started my new and positive routine on the 16th of April and here’s the proof. 

I work that out to be 189 days! If you guessed that I sound pissed off that I am not living my dream life with my 3 houses, kids financially independent, health 100% excellent, 100% positive, trekking around the world, working from home with my profitable/successful online business – you would have guessed right.

Pissed off might be a bit of an overstatement but I haven’t manifested any of the things that I have been visualising for the last 189 days. In all of the online forums and communities I belong to, I read about people manifesting anything they want instantaneously by applying the things that I have been applying in my life for the past 189 days. It is disheartening. Especially when I hark back to John’s bell curve.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I doing it all wrong? Is manifesting just for other people? Is it time to stop wasting my time?

No! Recap?

Back in April, I was doing it all.

  • Eddie Sergey’s – 15 Minute Manifestation
  • Natalie Ledwell’s – Ultimate Success Masterclass and Mind Movies
  • John Assaraf’s – Winning the Game of Fear
  • Vishen Lakhiani’s – 6 Phase Meditation from Mind Valley
  • Daily affirmations
  • On and Off hypnosis with Marissa Peer

What I have learnt is that I can’t do it all at once – or probably shouldn’t. Still not 100% sure because ‘IT’ hasn’t worked yet.

Or has it?

Time to recap. Since April, I have:

  • Laughed more
  • Seen a significant change in my thinking
  • Seen an improvement in my relationship with my daughter
  • Reacted to challenging situations in my life a WHOLE lot better
  • Been more relaxed
  • Felt good about my commitment to my morning routine
  • Fought for and got a refund to the value of $4,000 from a merchant who promises at the time of purchase that there is absolutely no chance of a refund post purchase
  • Worked from home a LOT more = Had time to earn an income from a job and grow my business
  • Had a small win with Lotto
  • DECLUTTERED my life

Time to Hunker Down

After a recap and a quick slap to the side of my head, I realise that my ‘demon’ are at it again. Manifesting isn’t about getting ‘stuff’ or instantly being the best person we can be. It’s all about the journey. I know that I keep banging on about it but whenever I catch myself in negative thinking, this is always where I come back to. Dah! Don’t forget – it’s about the bloody journey. And it’s been a helluva ride so far.

It’s not the fastest ride but it’s still awesome – and no, this is not me.

What I know is that I enjoy my morning routine (which is now a whole lot simpler) and I am changing. I am absolutely seeing positive results. It may not be the results that I was expecting or wanting but do I care? Not really. I’m enjoying the ride and looking forward to seeing what comes next.

In many of the books that I have read, the point is made that when you are experiencing the negative feelings sometimes associated with the Art of Manifesting – it’s time to hang on with all of your appendages! Keep up the good fight. Keep calm and carry on. Battle on.  Keep moving forward. All that good stuff. There is zero value in comparing yourself and your progress to anyone elses!

I firmly believe it! As Wayne Dyer says:

Change the things that you are looking at and the things that you are looking at will change.

Wayne Dyer

It has to. It’s the Law.

Bring on day 190!

Tania halpin

Spiritual Practice – Caveats, Excuses and Practicalities

Before embarking on any spiritual development path, I have found that it is incredibly important to know what is important to you, what your driver is (your WHY), your personality/personal preferences, how committed you are to getting where you want to go and the practicalities of implementing new daily habits to advance your Goals. You’re 110% more likely to keep going with your new routine if you are first passionate about it and secondly, personally invested.

Developing Spiritual Development Practices – Me

Personally, I am a short, feisty, outspoken, competitive, driven (once I know what I want to achieve) person who isn’t afraid of hard work and understand myself well enough to know that I can commit to a goal until it is reached. I am prepared to do anything that resonates with me to progress my life towards my highest good. To put it in context, sometimes it helps to describe ourselves as others see us. My brother jokingly calls me “Rappy” which is short for the Raptor’s personality in Jurassic Park. Whereas my sister-in-law calls me SSE – “Short, Sharp & Edgy”. I am telling you all of this so that you understand my approach to changing my life. It is important for you to do what works best for you. It may be that you take on less and achieve more. The important thing is that whatever you choose to do with your new daily routine, feels right for  you and works in with your life.

I am also a person who often takes on too much -thinking that I can do it all. This can sometimes be a bit of a game changer  as I get overwhelmed, grumpy and start blaming others for the predicament I’m in (obviously no one else’s fault) – NOT GOOD. Having a set morning routine to follow each day helps! Until you get the routine set in your head, write it down. It also helps if it’s fun and done at the same time every day.

Learn to Say No

Spiritual people like to help others. I am not different. But, one of the things I have learnt since embarking on this new approach to life is that in order to be true to yourself, you need to put yourself first. Learning to say no is difficult for helpers but learning to say ‘NO’ is imperative to your lifelong success and happiness.

Keep yourself fuelled up spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally before helping others. You will be able to help them more in the long run when you look out for yourself first. I know this goes against the grain but it is worth it. Especially when you are starting out.

It doesn’t have to be forever. Take some time to explain what you are doing to your family so that they understand and can support you. You may even have to delegate some of your normal jobs.

The Routine!

In my 90 day journey towards a more spiritual abundance manifesting life, I have taken on a number of programmes that I use as tools to help me stay focused on my morning routine and keep on track. But, this is where I need to add a word of caution. I have a flexible job that allows for a longer morning routine and I have built up to an hour (approximately) long routine with four different programmes. If you already have a busy morning schedule and/or young kids that need to get off to school, either think about getting up a bit earlier (I know sleep is precious but it may work) or have a shorter routine. Each one of the below are my affiliate programme links.

It doesn’t matter how long your routine is, the important thing is just to have one. Just focussing on your breathing would have a significant positive impact but if you can manage a meditation with a breathing focus I think that you will get more of a benefit.

Keeping Track

With Smartphones, it is pretty easy to keep track but I prefer to write on my wall calendar. Each day that I finish my morning routine, I mark it on my calendar. Don’t judge the messy writing or the clutter of it but basically, just pick the best way for you. An excel spreadsheet would probably do it as well – but that is another job that will take a bit longer than just recording it on your phone’s calendar or a physical one.

By the door so it’s quick an easy to mark the day.

On my Calendar, each one of the circles marks a day that I have completed a particular programme. The black circle marks a day for each day I have completed my routine  for the 90 day count, the blue circle for the amount of days I’ve been doing Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation and the purple circle for each day that I have completed the Winning the Game of Money WGOM. The 90 day count includes the Mind Movies twice a day (morning and evening), the Envisioning Method Meditation and before WGOM, Winning the Game of Fear.

This is one of my favourite aspects to my new routine. Marking my calendar in the morning gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Eliminating Distractions

Eliminating distractions is quite a hard thing to do in a busy household but it is important. I can’t count the amount of times I have been deeply involved in a programme only to have a wet nose freak me out and catapult me back into the now. Having a space where you can carry out your daily routine is really important. It’s pretty hard to keep focus even without distractions. If you can, it’s really nice to have a space that is fit for purpose. It’s even fun to decorate a little altar. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just something you identify with and is personal to you. Something to celebrate the space.

My Promise

There will be affiliate links on this site. Not all links will be affiliate links. Sometimes they will be links simply to point you to a helpful website or template. But, my promise is this. I will never promote a product on this site that I haven’t first tried myself.  I will honestly tell you my thoughts on the benefits of the product and if there aren’t any, you will not see them on this site. Think of me as your Guinea Pig.