Sleep Deprivation, Click Funnels and Why I’m Not Worried!

At 2.00am this morning I was woken up by the dog. Thinking that it was time to get up and go to work, I made a coffee, drank it, woke my partner up with a ready made coffee thinking I was doing a good deed – only to be told that it was 2.00am. Many hours before our normal weekly wake up time!

Clearly, I should have checked the time again after my first cup of coffee!

Why I Am Happy to Be Sleep Deprived!

Today is not the first time that I have woken up at 2.00am during the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA). Actually, it is probably safer to say that I have been waking up at ungodly hours most days since starting the challenge. I put this down to a few things.

  • Excitement – Because of the belief that funnels will be profitable
  • Anticipation – What’s next and I want to see results
  • Competitiveness – Not wanting to be left behind 
  • Personal pressures – Determination to see the Challenge through
  • Belief – In the process

I haven’t been a good sleeper for years and it has always been a bit of an annoyance. There have been many occasions when I have wanted to prank my partner when he’s sleeping simply because he CAN sleep! I regularly function on between 4-6 hours sleep every day and have been doing it this way since my daughter was born 23 years ago! But, the last four weeks has been whole next level!

Lately though, I have had a whole lot less but I am happy to be sleep deprived. I’m tired most of the time at the moment but if my sleep habits were any different, I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I have in the challenge. By the time my partner gets up, I have listened to all of the training, cleared my emails and done some work on my funnel. 

Not resentful of the good sleepers anymore – just thankful that I have more time to get it done. Thanks OFA!

Belief In ClickFunnels

One of my personal fears is to be ‘salesy’ – I don’t want to be that stereotypical car sales person. But, one thing that I have come to realise since starting this online business journey (and something that has been reaffirmed by the challenge) is that marketing is actually a service!

I worry that my posts have all been about the One Funnel Away Challenge and Clickfunnels and salesy.  But, it is because I honestly believe that my funnel is going to work and want to share the message.

The worst thing about my new found belief in clickfunnels and the challenge is that I also know that my posts do appear to be ‘salesy’. But, they are not meant to be.

Every comment that I have made about the challenge is sincere in line with what I am trying to do here which is help as many people as possible make a living with a heart based business – doing what they love. I believe that clickfunnels can do that. The fact that I am worried about being salesy reassures me that my ‘why’ for doing this is not unethical but authentic.

From the outset of the Challenge, the team instilled a belief. A belief that Clickfunnels and the One Funnel Away Challenge is a tried and true system that will work – providing you put the time in. A perfect example of the committment the clickfunnels team has to our wins is in the last page of the workbook (3 days away) – yes, I read ahead!

“It’s important to remember that this is JUST the beginning of your online business journey. Those who get good at getting lucky, are really just the ones who:

Immerse themselves

Stay committed to the process rather than the result only

Remember that marketing is still about people

Never give up!

Russell Brunson – One Funnel Away

One Funnel Away Immersion

In the last 4 weeks, since starting the challenge, my sleep hours have dropped more! My 2.00am start this morning was just that. The start of my day. It’s a waste of time (for me) to try and sleep after a coffee – so I did what all half asleep people do. Facebook.

While checking on the One Funnel Away posts, I got sucked into a sales page. As I was about to purchase, I heard Stephen’s voice in my head. 

“Buy slowly”

Stephen Larson – One Funnel Away Challenge

Meaning – mimic (yes, Stephen – not steal) what others are doing that is working.  So, I backed out of the sales page. Saved the link and will study it later today – with a view to studying what worked or got me ‘hooked’. Or as Russell terms it, funnel hack.

The One Funnel Away teaching format seems to stick and I have been completely immersed. I have been living and breathing this stuff since finding Clickfunnels and the One Funnel Away Challenge. So much so that I am sure that my work thinks I have a terminal illness because I have been having a LOT of sick days!

Staying Committed To The Process Rather Than The Result

Apart from Wealthy Affiliate and my blog, this has been the most committed I have been to anything relating to my online business. 

The training has been and is inspiring, motivational, interesting and incredibly educational. It works. Every day, I get up excited to complete the next part of the challenge.

My usual priorities have taken a back seat to the challenge and this is because I am determined to see this through and can’t wait to start advertising to see what happens. Some of the OFA community on Facebook have already started sharing their personal wins and it is awesome to see. 

Not for a second am I saying that the challenge has all been plain sailing but that is where the committment comes in.

Never Give Up!

According to Stephen Larsen, only 30% of the people that start the challenge are still in it now. I am pretty sure that is reflective of all online courses that people buy – me included. But, the challenge has been different because you are actually taking action steps every single day. I think it’s the progress that you make along the way that helps keep you on track. 

Given that we all have busy lives, I think it’s important to have some internal pressures too. I can see how it would be easy to give up along the way but I am so glad that I haven’t. Every challenge and win is all just part of the journey. Worth it!

As Vishen Lakhiani says,

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year but underestimate what they can achieve in three years.”

Vishen Lakhiani – Code of the Extraordinary Mind

I plan on hanging in.

Remember That Marketing Is Still About People

I know that I will never forget the people behind any marketing that I do.

This is for two reasons.

  1. Unethical marketers. I have been scammed too many times by sales letters and products that only ever give you a portion of the story. In most cases, leaving you more confused than ever and despondent because success online clearly only works for ‘other people’. 
  2. Purpose. This blog was set up for the sole purpose of documenting/discussing/teaching the challenges I have had along the way in the hope that it could help someone else.

After doing this challenge, I know that success online isn’t just a pipe dream. This challenge has strengthened my resolve to keep going until I can be in a position to do what Russell, Stephen, Julie and Ed are doing.

Onward and upwards!

Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away – Only $100?

Until two months ago, I had never heard about Russell Brunson or any of his products. If you spend much time on the internet, you will probably think that I have been hiding under a rock. Especially when I now know that “the people in the know” on the internet are comparing Russell Brunson’s rise to that of the IPhone.

Anyway, I was seriously tempted to buy the whole package but thought I would test the waters first. I understand that Russell Brunson has exceptional selling powers but in the time that I have been watching his training and other various footage, I am finding him to be believable and trustworthy. It certainly is not hard to find raving testimonials about Russell Brunson and his ClickFunnels software. Russell Brunson sure does seem to be taking the internet by storm.

Always interested in a challenge, I purchased the June 30 day One Funnel Away Challege. The One Funnell Away Challenge comes from a story that Russell tells about his various businesses, failures and challenges along the way. Long story short, he developed the “one funnel that saved us.” It is a compelling story and hugely motivational.

This success story really appealed to me and I know many reading this will think that I have just been caught up in the sales pitch. But, I don’t think so. It appealed to me because it felt truthful. Anyway, the proof is in the pudding! For a $100 investment, I didn’t think I had a lot to lose to see if this guy was all that and his product did what he said it did.

Five days in and I have to say that I am loving it. It has been full but so far worth it. 

Russell Brunson Knows His Stuff

I can’t recall which video I heard Russell say this (otherwise I would add the link) but he mentioned once that people love to receive packages in the mail. The guy was so pleased with the surprise package that he emailed a video of himself to Russell. When my package arrived on the doorstep for the One Funnel Away Challenge, I have to say that I was excited! 

The weird thing is that I buy stuff online all the time and never (well almost never) get excited when something turns up. Most of the time I have forgotten what I ordered and have to open up to be reminded! I know – first world problems. 

All that aside, the box was epic! The logo on the side of the box is like Tom Cruise doing his Mission Impossible thing hanging from a wire. Here’s a pic of my box that I took a photo of that day – which I also never do. I am starting to wonder if all the video’s I have watched of Russell that he has implanted some serious subliminal messages. If I was a conspiracy theorist – I’d go back to hiding under my rock.

Stephen Larsen & The First Five Days

As I have already said, Russell Brunson has a super power in sales but it seems his partner in this programme Stephen Larsen has similar powers but also excellent motivational skills!

I have followed along diligently so far and have not missed a day. If i am being honest, I have so many things on the go at the moment that it is easy to get distracted and move on to something else for a while. But, with the One Funnel Away Challenge, I just don’t want to.  I am enjoying the content of the video trainings and feel that they are definitely building to a much bigger end. 

Stephen Larsen is the first to tell you that his exuberance on the video’s is part of his marketing strategy but it is very engaging. It is most definitely not boring. I honestly get the feeling that both Stephen Larsen and Russell Brunson want to see their customers succeed in this business – and that is nice.

The first five days has been about building belief. The belief that this system works and can be used by anyone to model their businesses in the same way. I love this. I’ve never been one for pep talks but one of the things that Stephen stresses in the training is that successful marketers have gotten out of their own heads. The lesson here (aside from belief) is that successful marketers have turned their biggest weakness into their strongest asset. I’m looking forward to doing that!

It looks like a big part of the strategy is video marketing. GULP!

BUT, after the last five days I am now feeling quite comfortable about progressing down the video track. I just have to learn to be comfortable with it. Now I know that it’s just practice makes perfect. 

The ‘Who’ Not the ‘How’

This is one of my biggest issues. One thing that I have learnt so far, is that it is a common human characteristic to try to throw something of themselves into a tried and true system by changing it. Being a business student, I know all about Opportunity Cost and why it’s stupid to spend time on something when I can pay someone else to do it cheaper and faster than I could.

But, I STILL do it! So frustrating. I am that person who labours over a logo and struggles with the doubt that it looks like unprofessional crap. This particular lesson gave me the reminder that I needed to get my head back in the game. 

Russell introduces a really good tool about now as well called the ClickFunnell Rolodex. It’s actually pretty helpful and you know that the people providing services on this site have actually been vetted, are less likely to take your money and run and can do the job.

Stories Have It!

By no means am I a marketing Guru but I have been in business for a long time and have been in training for internet marketing on and off for years as well. But, one of the things I do know is that telling stories in marketing is a strategy to get people to “like’ you and build trust. 

The funny thing about the One Funnel Away Challenge is that I know that this is all part of the sales process and that I am being groomed for a sale. In this Challenge, I just don’t care. The stories are informative and interesting. And.. I still feel that the story tellers themselves do have the end-users best interests at heart.


So far, I have really enjoyed the challenge and all of the resources that come with it. I love the hard copy workbook that is sent with the package, the MP3 player and the course content. It has me looking forward to what is to come and made me not want to miss a day.

The One Funnel Away Challenge website claims:

“The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want… The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By The Business You Build…”

I am not sure that the One Funnel Away Challenge can do all of that, but it has certainly lived up to the promises made so far.