Big AHA! Thanks Anita Moorjani!

Growing up, our lovely parents taught us that it is important to have goals. How important it is to continually strive for something better – well mine did. Looking back on my life, I can see that my WHOLE life has been centred around trying harder. Doing better. Working harder. Earning more. Striving. Competing.

One of my Oldest sayings has been, “I’ll never be one of those people that “Will be happy when”…. You know how it goes. I’ll be happy when I have that new car or I’ll be happy when I have paid off the house. But guess what? True to the Law of Attraction, constantly saying that has meant that this that was my focus and in the back of my mind, exactly what I have been doing – without even realising it. Putting living my life off until….

For all of you Australians, the link for the book is below:

Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

For one reason or another, I have attracted “hardship” or ongoing crap. It hasn’t all been bad but there seems to be a constant stream of drama’s. I know that I certainly give it the power by complaining “the situation” all the time.

I complain about things in the most positive of ways.  The typical way that I tell my story is: Blah, blah, blah. Complain, complain, complain. “Oh but, it will be okay. It will all work out”. Or some other trending ‘positive’ catch phrase that works. This convinces others that I am a “positive” person. But, ultimately I am still complaining about the “reality” of the situation or event rather than being truly PRESENT.

Anita’s book got me to thinking that perhaps I should just throw it all out. Stop doing all of the things that make up my hour plus long morning routine to attract great wealth and a better life. Stop caring and worrying about everything. Just let life unfold as it is meant to. As I chose it to be before I even chose to incarnate in this lifetime. Just live my life purpose and everything else be damned.

But, that is not how it works. As Anita says, in our human forms our minds get in the way but we have all come here with a purpose. Collectively, by improving ourselves we improve the global consciousness simply because we are all connected. 

Another re-think

Thinking it through again, I realised that it may be human to think but it is also human to always want to do greater things. To Strive. To grow. I certainly do. I realised that my daily routine wasn’t just about manifesting more wealth into my life. It’s true to say that I started my daily routine to learn how to manifest more wealth but I wanted more wealth so that I could help more people.

The morning routine lives another day! I just have to remind myself yet again, that it’s the journey that counts and to fully live every day.

90 Days to Change – Yeah Right!

Don’t Believe the Hype – Spirituality doesn’t work to a timepiece!

During winning the Game of Fear, John Assaraf demonstrated this lovely graph. It was your standard bell curve graph that showed a 90 day timeline. The graph referenced showed that a habit or programming generally fades into the distance at the end of a 90 day period.

……………………………………………………………….Yeah Right!

I started my new and positive routine on the 16th of April and here’s the proof. 

I work that out to be 189 days! If you guessed that I sound pissed off that I am not living my dream life with my 3 houses, kids financially independent, health 100% excellent, 100% positive, trekking around the world, working from home with my profitable/successful online business – you would have guessed right.

Pissed off might be a bit of an overstatement but I haven’t manifested any of the things that I have been visualising for the last 189 days. In all of the online forums and communities I belong to, I read about people manifesting anything they want instantaneously by applying the things that I have been applying in my life for the past 189 days. It is disheartening. Especially when I hark back to John’s bell curve.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I doing it all wrong? Is manifesting just for other people? Is it time to stop wasting my time?

No! Recap?

Back in April, I was doing it all.

  • Eddie Sergey’s – 15 Minute Manifestation
  • Natalie Ledwell’s – Ultimate Success Masterclass and Mind Movies
  • John Assaraf’s – Winning the Game of Fear
  • Vishen Lakhiani’s – 6 Phase Meditation from Mind Valley
  • Daily affirmations
  • On and Off hypnosis with Marissa Peer

What I have learnt is that I can’t do it all at once – or probably shouldn’t. Still not 100% sure because ‘IT’ hasn’t worked yet.

Or has it?

Time to recap. Since April, I have:

  • Laughed more
  • Seen a significant change in my thinking
  • Seen an improvement in my relationship with my daughter
  • Reacted to challenging situations in my life a WHOLE lot better
  • Been more relaxed
  • Felt good about my commitment to my morning routine
  • Fought for and got a refund to the value of $4,000 from a merchant who promises at the time of purchase that there is absolutely no chance of a refund post purchase
  • Worked from home a LOT more = Had time to earn an income from a job and grow my business
  • Had a small win with Lotto
  • DECLUTTERED my life

Time to Hunker Down

After a recap and a quick slap to the side of my head, I realise that my ‘demon’ are at it again. Manifesting isn’t about getting ‘stuff’ or instantly being the best person we can be. It’s all about the journey. I know that I keep banging on about it but whenever I catch myself in negative thinking, this is always where I come back to. Dah! Don’t forget – it’s about the bloody journey. And it’s been a helluva ride so far.

It’s not the fastest ride but it’s still awesome – and no, this is not me.

What I know is that I enjoy my morning routine (which is now a whole lot simpler) and I am changing. I am absolutely seeing positive results. It may not be the results that I was expecting or wanting but do I care? Not really. I’m enjoying the ride and looking forward to seeing what comes next.

In many of the books that I have read, the point is made that when you are experiencing the negative feelings sometimes associated with the Art of Manifesting – it’s time to hang on with all of your appendages! Keep up the good fight. Keep calm and carry on. Battle on.  Keep moving forward. All that good stuff. There is zero value in comparing yourself and your progress to anyone elses!

I firmly believe it! As Wayne Dyer says:

Change the things that you are looking at and the things that you are looking at will change.

Wayne Dyer

It has to. It’s the Law.

Bring on day 190!

Tania halpin

Wayne Dyer Never Fails – Wishes Fulfilled!

Dr Wayne W. Dyer is the best selling author of over 20 books and it can easily be said, an expert in manifesting he is also well known as the “Father of Motivation”. His life work was to elevate the consciousness of as may people as possible through Self Empowerment and Personal Growth. His work has had a powerful and life changing effect on me and I am sure continues to do so for a vast amount of people on the planet. He was a true visionary and his work just keeps on giving.

It is my absolute pleasure to write a review for Dr Wayne W. Dyer’s book Wishes Fulfilled. Because of Wayne’s very personable writing style, his books are never difficult to read but this one I found absolutely enthralling. I just about used up all of my sticky note tabs marking what I thought to be the key points or particularly thought provoking that I needed to re-visit.

Wishes Fulfilled takes the concept of the Art of Manifesting and the tools provided in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne to a whole new level. With well-researched ideas and a common sense approach to life, Wishes Fulfilled gives you the very tools you need to manifest anything that you want into your life but you may need to open your mind before you read it.

Our Higher Selves

I have always believed (well as long as I can remember) in the concept of my higher self but Wishes Fulfilled goes even deeper than I had considered previously. For me, it is a fact that we are all connected on this planet and this book not only reinforces that concept but explores some very well researched content that proves (to me) that not only are we connected, but the knowledge of this has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

“Health, wealth, beauty and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind – that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”


This is one of the first quotes that peeked my interest because of when it was written. Many people would believe that “The Secret” was the trail blazer but Neville and many others beat them to it by a country mile.

I love the idea of needing to have a “burning desire” to drive you towards all of your manifesting dreams. First termed by Neville, Wayne Dyer takes it further to say we need to see ourselves as “observers.” Not letting our thoughts control us and throwing out the negative ones that keep us stuck in a life of ordinary.



Then Choose….”

Wayne Dyer

According to Wayne, we need to use our burning desire to become the manifesters we want to be by only focusing on those thoughts that are for our highest good and remembering we are divine. Christie Marie Sheldon puts this very well. We are “infinite beings having a human experience.”

The chapters of Wishes Fulfilled that focus on our higher selves continues to deliver quotes and ideas that are supportive of the concept of our higher selves but I have to say that these chapters have changed the way that I approach my days. Wayne’s view that we are equal to or are God will be pretty mind boggling and blasphemous for some but this is why it is so important to read this book with an open mind.

In my view, this book truly convinces one that we are all God and have access to all that God does if we only change our attention. Our focus. My favourite quote of this section follows:

“Believing in that ego-driven idea of God as a malevolent super being who plays favourites and is filled with rage if you displease Him is akin to believing in the Easter bunny and praying that that rabbit to solve your problems. Keep uppermost in your thoughts the words of Jesus – “God is love” – and that you are proud to be that all-powerful God yourself.”

Wayne Dyer

I will never use God’s name in vain again. My “I AM’s” will only ever be positive ones.

The Five Foundations

There is so much in Wishes Fulfilled that I would love to quote but I want people to read this post so that more people read the book – so, I will struggle along to summarise my thoughts on this wonderful book in as few words as possible.

The Five Foundations that Wayne talks about are fairly obvious to anyone that has read or studied personal development and wellness.  But there are obvious differences and the author explores each topic from a spiritual viewpoint rather than scientifically – which I really liked.

Rather than completely plagiarise the book, there are five key themes (or foundations as they are called in Wishes Fulfilled) that a generally as follows:

  1. The Importance of Imagination
  2. Live now as though you already have ‘it’
  3. Feeling that you have it on an emotional level
  4. Unwavering attention
  5. Visualising before sleep

1. The Importance of Imagination

Two of the main things that I picked up in this segment of the book is about not limiting our imaginations and to never tell anyone else about our dreams. These two things will stay with me forever. Almost immediately after finishing Wishes Fulfilled, myself and my partner met with a Financial Advisor to map out our next five year plan. When I told him about developing an Affiliate Marketing business so that I could work from home, his comment was “Oh, that will never work. We’ve had other clients that have tried that and they’ve failed. Boom! Positive reinforcement not to share.

I’m refusing to let anyone drag my dreams down.   As Wayne says:

“Reprogram your imagination to take you everywhere – everywhere that you are brave enough to envision for yourself.”

Wayne Dyer

We have to think expansively to stay true to our higher selves. I follow Mike Dooley and one of his catch phrases is “Thoughts become Things. Pick the good ones.” It’s easy to say, “stay positive” to someone but it’s more than that. When we catch ourselves thinking negatively, it’s important to choose more expansive thoughts.  Thoughts that have “a sacred sense of rightness” always moving us to a higher vibration. A higher vibration that is not controlled by ego that exists purely to keep us physically ‘safe’ but also too grounded to be elevated.

2. Living As if You Already Have ‘IT’

Wayne calls this “Living From the End” which automatically made me think, What??? Live now as if you’re about to die?  But thankfully, that is the opposite of what this means.

I imagine many people would struggle with living a ‘hard’ life as though they were living the life of Megan Markle (if that’s your thing). But at no stage in my manifestation journey have I come across an author that will encourage the reader to dwell on a problem in order to manifest a brighter future. 

Used in conjunction with an expansive imagination, living as though you actually have it has to be a key component of manifesting all of your goals.

As Wayne puts it, “By placing new I ams into your imagination, your future dream is a present fact.”

I have struggled with this principal since I began working with manifestation because it feels like I am lying to myself or avoiding the reality of a particular situation. But that is just bullshit. It’s that choice thing again. I love what Wayne has to say about this and it is well put.

This isn’t pretending or fooling yourself. It is inviting your spirit rather than your physical form to generate the creative essence of your reality.

Wayne Dyer
Be expansive!

3. Feeling ‘IT”

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”

Neville from Wishes Fulfilled

This quote says it all for me but again, this is another key foundation of Wishes Fulfilled that I believe people that are experiencing hardship would struggle with. However, Wishes Fulfilled emphasises the point that we must find a way to convince our subconscious minds so that our mind does the work for us and proceeds to bring our desires about. Wayne says we have to really FEEL as though our wishes have been fulfilled.

As Wayne points out, our subconscious mind is “impersonal and non-selective.” It doesn’t care about what we want. We just need to master assuming the feeling of having our wishes fulfilled. 

Wishes Fulfilled points out that, as soon as the subconscious mind receives a feeling impression, it takes action. What an awesome thing to know and have at our disposal!

We have to remember (at all times) that we have the power to choose our thoughts. Therefore, we have to choose the good ones to re-train our subconscious.

4. Unwavering Attention

Over the years of studying the laws of attraction and manifestation, one of the things that has been a common theme is the importance of staying 100% focused on the goal that you want to achieve. Live it, breathe it and as the last foundation reveals, sleep it.

Obviously, this segment of the book speaks to this a lot more but I think the point is made here. One quote I really loved that will give you a sense of where the book goes:

“Our thoughts are traitors. Anyone or anything trying to diminish your inner feelings with doubt is a traitor to be banished.”

Shakespeare in Wishes Fulfilled

5. Visualising Before Sleep

It seems that another good habit to adopt is to use the time before going to sleep to help us to manifest. I first encountered the idea of using sleep to heal when I did a short class on lucid dreaming (to be followed up again in the not too distant future) . I really like this idea and it works well with Wayne’s view that we tell our mind what we want and then it goes off to do the work. 

As with anything to do with the art of manifesting, imagining what you want to manifest before bedtime requires faith and the unflinching belief that anything is possible because we are all part of God (just living a human existence).

To finish this very long book review, I will leave you with another quote I loved:

You don’t have to understand it all; all you need to do is remain in a state of love while reprogramming your subconscious mind to develop the habits of a God-realised being, rather than an ego-dominated person.

Wayne Dyer

This book is for anyone who wants to manifest their best for their highest good.

Rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear any comments you have or your thoughts on the book!