Week 2 – One Funnel Away Challenge!

Still loving it! 

I’ve been really excited to start the week 2 Challenge of the One Funnel Away Challenge and today was extra special because I actually got to catch Stephen Larson’s live call. That’s a first. For once, I am thankful that the dog woke me up at 2.00am in the morning. If I was to complain, it would only be this. For some reason, being on the live call did make a difference or should I say felt different. I am sure that the recorded calls are every bit as good – it’s just a perception of mine. It could also be that I was more ‘lulled’ by the content because I was still in sleep mode!

So far, I have really enjoyed all of the content and learnt a LOT. Stephen, Julie and Russell are really engaging, motivating, knowledgeable and likeable – which makes it a whole lot easier to enjoy. Stephen has made a couple of comments about “yelling” Americans (and he does yell often) but it’s clear that it’s with the excitement of the topic. Love that!

One of the funniest things that have come out of the last two weeks, is that the song playing in my head alot at the moment is that song by the Pointer Sisters – 

It’s probably Stephen and Russell’s contagion but at this point, I don’t really care – just feeling optimistic, enjoying it and going with the flow. Even if it feels like the wheels are just about to fall off the bus.

Well that is probably a bit of a lie after the Unit today.

Gruelling but Good

So, on average each day probably consists of at least an hour of video/calls and some days a presentation from Julie as well. Then, there’s your homework. I still work full time and have a house to run (daughter, three large dogs, four cats and a Hubby) so it has been a bit of a stretch. But, like the title says. Gruelling but good. I really like the structure of it and being the crazy stationary geek, I am still loving the workbook.

Last week, we had to set up draft an what our offer might look like, then find products to package and get cover pages designed. Wow! I have to say I started feeling a bit overwhelmed at that stage. I have been struggling to figure out what I would sell as my own package for years and now the challenge wants me to go find at least 11 products with a view to packaging it??

But, Guess what? I did it!

I am so determined not to fall behind or miss a step in this process that I made it happen and I am pretty shocked at how easy it was after the training. It’s probably better to say, that the process of the One Funnel Away Challenge is making sense to me and I can’t stop hearing Kaelin’s message ringing in my ears!

“Just Do What Russell Says!”

Kaelin Poulin

So, I am. Well, until this morning anyway.

Oh Shit! Podcasting? 

Because I got up so early this morning and just happened to notice that Stephen was live on the Challenge, I broke the rule of thumb and heard Stephen’s call before listening to Russell’s training. As usual, he was engaging and full of excellent advice. Actually, today was probably perfectly timed because he told us his story of being the shy kid at school and the one that never spoke up. I know I can relate to that! This is why I write.

This is my 50th year and I promised myself big changes. You know, the usual mid-life crisis stuff.

  • Have more fun
  • Spend more time in Nature
  • Travel
  • Learn new ‘stuff’
  • Challenge myself…

So, here I am.

BUT, when Stephen started talking about Podcasting, it would be an understatement to say that more than a few things clenched! Still determined, I committed to getting a podcast at least vocalised and recorded before going to work. 

When the house was empty, I shut myself in my office, downloaded a recording app and just started talking. Man! After 17 goes of that, I deleted the horrible, horrible recordings and decided it would be a good idea to at least write it all down so that I could read it. At least that would get me there for more than 30 seconds. Well, it did that but it was awful!

I even tried to pretend that I was Sarah Connor from Terminator talking to John. That didn’t work either. I know I can do this but it is going to be a very steep learning curve and I’ll have to get out of my head for long enough to get past my fear of public speaking.

Aurora (the camouflaged one), Loona (because she’s crazy) & Nova (because he’s just awesome)

This doesn’t really feel like public speaking but it does feel awkward. I’m glad my three sleeping dogs were my only audience and this morning’s podcast will not be published today.

365 Days of Publishing?

On to Russell’s unit. Because I am always busy, I check the length of the training before launching to make sure that I have enough time to watch the whole thing. This morning, I’m thinking – cool. It’s only 15 minutes long. How bad can it be?

As it turns out, the time stamp was a complete farce because it was actually 365 days long.

Our Mission for the day, was to post every day for 365 days! Easy. Job done.

Up until now, I’ve been struggling to write 1-2 posts a week and that has been far from consistent. 

This is where the big mental pep talk is needed. Stephen even warned us that this would happen. I’m just going to have to keep going. One step at a time.

Bring on Tomorrow. What Will Tomorrow Bring?

There is definitely still excitement about the One Funnel Away Challenge but I have to admit to a bit of trepidation at the same time. I suppose it is good to have these opposing forces because it is probably what drives us. I am tempted to have a listen to the MP3 player that came with my pack but not that tempted. I think the strategy of the Challenge is to keep us so busy that we can’t jump ahead. It’s most definitely working for me.

It’s Been Quite A Ride So Far!

Hopefully this hasn’t come across as a rant because it really isn’t. I have found myself thinking, I’m 50 and doing pretty well. Do I really need this stress? I could just come home every night and put my feet up after dinner with a wine and the cat. But, if I am perfectly honest, I think that would be letting myself down big time.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and thinking of ways to be more productive. If others can do this, so can I. I’m thinking about getting a t-shirt made up to hang in front of my computer.

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